It is finally here! The time that we have all been waiting for- (drumroll, please) COLLEGE!

College is the time where you get kicked out of your nest and are expected to fly. It can be scary starting at a new school, but it is also exciting! The summer before your freshman year of college is an important one because it is the time to get stuff done (and the time to have fun). So sit back, relax and read on for my summer to-do list.

My summer to-do list before college:

1. Meet your roommate

I met my roommate at orientation a little while ago, but before that we texted each other. It is best to get connected with your roommate so that you both can decide who is bringing which dorm necessities (like microwave, mini fridge, and so on). It is also nice to have a friend at college before you even start school. You never know, you and your roommate could become BFANB (best friends and Netflix buddies).

2. Get dorm stuff

I have been collecting dorm stuff in my room since the beginning of summer. I am starting to feel like a hoarder. I have gone on Pinterest a lot to find interesting ways to decorate my dorm. I have my sheets, bedspread, lamp, ceiling lights to match my sheets, cork board for my wall, and lots of other things for my room. The earlier you start collecting your dorm things, the easier it will be to get everything you need. You don't want to forget something because you waited until the last minute to get everything.

3. Get school supplies

Pens? Paper? Stapler? Scissors? Flash drive? Sticky notes? Get all the school supplies that you can think of because you never know when you might need it. Raid your school supply store for school supplies. I looked on Pinterest for this kind of thing too, and I saw some school supplies that I would not have ever thought about on my own! I realized that I need to add stapler to my school supplies list!

4. Spend time with family

Spend time with your family whenever you can. They are going to miss you when you leave the "nest", and you are going to miss them. Treasure every moment with them while you have it.

5. Find out about your college

Check out your college's website and look up anything that you are wondering about it. I found out about a campus running club and a journalism club that I want to join. Also, look at your college's map, and be familiar with it so that you will know where you are going on your first day.

6. Before orientation...

Before orientation, it is best to look at the classes and majors that your college offers. First off, you should decide which major you are going to focus on, and then you should pick your classes. Most likely, your college will have classes posted online. At the University of Georgia, I looked up the class on the UGA bulletin website. I found the required courses for freshman students, and I wrote down the courses that I wanted to take that fit in each required area. I also wrote down any AP class credits and dual enrollment credits that I got in high school. Writing down which classes I wanted to take and have already taken made signing up for classes at orientation much easier and a little less stressful.

7. Go to orientation and ask questions

Ask a lot of questions. Ask small questions. Ask glorious questions. Ask annoying questions. Don't worry what others think. If you have a question, ask it because everyone around you is probably wondering the same thing. Orientation in itself can be confusing. I went to my college orientation last week and I was confused most of the time. I had to ask a lot of questions, and I am sure that I will have to ask a lot more. If you feel lost and confused, don't sweat it because I promise you that other people are just as confused as you are. College is a new experience and no one expects you to get it right the first time.

8. Do homework

Yeah, I know. Homework is not fun. I already have homework for the summer classes that I am taking at UGA. However, it is just reading a book, which is not super bad because I love to read. I found out that I had homework when I picked up my summer class's syllabus at orientation. Homework is a part of school, so it has to be done. The sooner I get it done, the sooner I can continue my summer! If you have summer homework, it is better to get it done sooner rather than later.

9. Make memories

The summer before college is the start of a new journey. Start this new chapter in your life with many new memories. Laugh with friends. Travel far and wide. Splash at the pool, and lay on the beach. Don't just watch Netflix all day. Netflix can wait. Make memories where you can look back at this time in your life and smile. This summer I went to the Redwoods of California, saw beautiful waterfalls in Yosemite, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, soaked up the sun on the beach at Jekyll Island, and spent time with my family and friends. I have made great summer memories and you can too!

10. Relax

Read a good book. Soak up some sun rays by the pool. Hang out with friends. Relax and do not worry about college too much. It is normal to be nervous, but do not be overly worried about college. Everything will work out, and you will do great. Take some deep breaths and pray. God has your back.

I hope this college to-do list was helpful to you as you start your new journey at college. It is time to get out of your "nest" and fly into the next part of your life.