What To Consider Before Starting Your Fitness Journey
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Everything You Need To Consider Before You Start A New Fitness Journey

You got this.

Everything You Need To Consider Before You Start A New Fitness Journey

Fitness journeys are different for everybody. Some reach their ultimate goals within a couple of months while others slowly but surely reach their dreams after a year or so. Whatever the schedule, time period, or goals, there are a few crucial things that those embarking on a fitness journey must keep in mind before they start.

First and foremost, you need to remember that setting realistic fitness goals is key to having a satisfying and effective fitness journey. Creating reachable and reasonable goals will not only make a fitness journey doable but satisfying. Pledging to run a marathon after only a couple of weeks of training is one example of an unreasonable, unhealthy, and unsatisfactory goal for a fitness journey.

Additionally, before beginning a fitness journey, you must know that your body has limits and that you must regard those limits with respect. Regardless of age or weight, every person has a stopping point. Knowing that sometimes you need to rest and recuperate before continuing your workout plan is essential in having and maintaining a successful fitness journey.

Having a legitimate, healthy reason to start a fitness journey might be the most important thing to know and fully understand prior to embarking on a fitness journey. If you're starting a fitness journey for reasons that are not healthy, such as extensive weight loss when it is not needed, or because of pressure from peers, you'll need to reconsider.

Progress will not be linear in fitness journeys and you should be well aware of that prior to embarking on one. You might be able to run a couple of miles one night but fall short a few nights later. While it would be great if progress increased every day, fitness journeys do not work like that!

Lastly, an important factor to remember before embarking on a fitness journey is that everybody messes up sometimes, and that is okay. Some days, you will forget to grab your protein smoothie on your way out the door. Other days, you will eat one too many pieces of cake. Working out at the gym will completely slip your mind one day! Knowing that everybody makes mistakes and messes up is important to remember.

There are several important things to remember before embarking on a fitness journey. From setting realistic goals for yourself, to eating right, to taking a day or two off, fitness journeys can be a lot of work, but they are worth it. They always are.

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