What The Heck America, Where Did All The Gas Go?
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What The Heck America, Where Did All The Gas Go?

Why this problem should not have even occurred.

What The Heck America, Where Did All The Gas Go?
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What in the world is going on?! One gas pipe has a leak and half the country goes into mayhem. For those of you that don’t already know, last week the pipe line responsible for delivering gas to several states on the east coast had a spill, and is no longer operational.

We have no gas. As in none. Period. I drove to 7 different stations to find one that did. This is crazy. You would think the world was ending with how many people were racing to the pumps. This is something that should not happen in a country as amazing as America. It makes me really ashamed to say that my country did not put enough money into maintaining our infrastructure so something like this wouldn’t happen. This is a disgrace. This was exactly the thing many Native Americas are currently fighting to stop with the construction of the Dakota access pipeline.

When the line in Alabama burst, the oil that was released completely devastated the environment to the point where living creatures cannot go in the area because the fumes are strong enough to kill. Is the money made off of gas really that worth it if it means destroying our home? To make matters worse, it not like America doesn’t have the money to maintain these things, our government just decides to use it in unnecessary ways. This past week the Obama Administration made a deal with the Israeli government to give them $38 Billion.

This is absurd. This is collectively more money that we have given them in the past 10 years. Before you get mad at me and think I am some anti-sematic piece of crap you need to know that I am also an Israeli citizen. My family are the ones being protected with this money, and I still think it’s too much. I think America is just throwing money away at this point. $38 billion could be used for so many other things in this country, fixing the gas pipes being one. But let’s just think about all the other places this money could be used. First and foremost, if the government has that much money to hand away, why not give it to the veterans?

Do they really expect me to believe that where they are putting it is better? That the people who fought for our country don’t deserve to have a house over a head and food in their mouths. America, come on. Another place this money could be used, our crappy school systems. There are schools so old they are falling apart. When I was in high school, 40 students in a class was normal. How do you expect kids to learn like that? And teachers get paid only a few thousand above the poverty line, which does not cut it in the world today.

Another place this could be used is healthcare, as in making it affordable. Look at every other Western nation. We pay the most to stay health, and it is upsetting. That money could have been used to revolutionize our health care system to one resembling the one in Canada, Great Britain, or Germany.

But no, America decided that this large sum of money would serve us best by doing nothing for us, which is exactly what is happening. I think before we go handing out money we need to make sure we have all our marbles in a jar first. For Christ’s sake, that money could have been used to eradicate poverty. It also could have been used to fix the damn pipeline so I don’t have to worry that I might not have enough gas to go to College and work. For being the greatest nation in the world, this is a huge disappointment. And I am honestly frightened that one gas pipe going down could create so much panic in a nation that boasts to others about holding the people's interest in heart.

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