Some part of me thought it was time to reflect and this seemed like a good way to that. Besides, why not reassure my younger self that no one ever really knows what they are doing? Adulthood is a strange road to go down. But here is what I'd let myself read because she'd need it. It might even change some of the stuff that happens as well.


You may be asking how I know your name, and I'll make that clear. I'm you, only older and a little angrier at the world from time to time. But there are some things you need to know.

First off, you cannot naturally trust everything or everyone. People will use you, and some will go so far to destroy who you are because they have no respect for you or themselves. That being said, if you feel uncomfortable with anyone say something. I probably can't go into much detail for both our sakes, but just because someone is blood does not mean they have your best interest at heart. Try to remember that.

What else? Well, you will never be the owner of an RV as your primary transportation. But you will have a good car, then another after that, just don't stress yourself over getting your license when the time comes. I can say one of the three driving tests will shape you forever, and maybe make you pee yourself a bit.

Your personality will become stronger as well but try not think it is a bad thing. Once you stop being more of a lap dog to others things change for the better. You also stay kind and mom-like, and other people like it. They will also try to take advantage of it. Be careful there too.

The good things? Well, you meet one of your best friends for life in middle school, as well as other people that will be apart of your life from this time, and before. In fact, your 21st birthday will be forever marked as 'lit.' Though, for many reasons, I will not spoil the surprise because most of it never ends up on social media. Yeah, you like alcohol. That will not be a surprise.

Trust your gut girl and remember that even adults don't have their crap together. Your heart will be broken before you are twenty-one, you deal with mental illness as well, but things become more natural with time.

I'm not saying it is easy because that'd be a lie. We're smart, not liers. But you have a great future ahead of you, and I'm trying to make it even better right now. Just don't be afraid to try or stand up for yourself. Life might have its moments, but you are stronger than that. And spend as much time as you can with family. Trust me on that. Good luck girl.

P.S. Never let anyone make you feel weird about your body or hair, I still regret shaving my arms in the middle school phase. You are awesome, don't forget it.

Future Audra.