What Sets Your Soul On Fire?

What Sets Your Soul On Fire?

Live fearlessly in this pursuit.

I was wholly prepared to write a completely different article this week. Something a little lighter, with a bit of humor thrown in the mix. But then as I scrolled through Pinterest on this lazy Saturday afternoon, I happened upon this particular quote and I knew I had to write a piece about it:

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."

I'm not sure who first uttered these words, but they hit me deeply. How beautiful is this sentence that conveys so much with so few words? To further explain why I love it so much, I want to break it down into parts:

1. Be fearless...

This alone is a striking phrase. In life, we are crippled by so many fears. The fear of not being good enough, the fear of not fitting in, the fear of failure, etc. And when we allow this fear to control our lives, we are giving away a part of ourselves. Everyone has the ability to be fearless, no matter the realities they face. This can mean fearlessly pursuing your dreams or fearlessly living your faith. Being fearless is no easy feat, but one that, when accomplished, can lead to unending possibilities.

2. In the pursuit of...

This reads a bit more like a question than a phrase. It seems to ask what we are pursuing and why. Are we living our lives in the simple pursuit of earthly riches and comforts? Or are we living in pursuit of a greater purpose, be that of a life well lived, of leaving an impact on the world, of the promises of heaven or some combination of all three?

3. What sets your soul on fire.

In my opinion, this is the most beautiful part of the quote. I think we are all searching for this feeling, to find something that fulfills our soul. And it's completely different for everyone. There are a few things in life that truly set my soul on fire. One is my friends and family, who support and love me through every one of my endeavors. Another is travel, allowing me to explore every bit of this world, including the little slice I call home. But by far the biggest thing is God. My faith doesn't just set my soul on fire, it keeps it burning. And it's not always easy to pursue this. I am the first to admit that I sin as often as I take breath. And I struggle to seek forgiveness or feel that I deserve God's unwavering love. But faith is the most complicatedly beautiful reality, simultaneously challenging and fulfilling my soul.

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40 Burning Questions Every PLL Fan Still Needs Answered

I need answers, now- A

Let's be honest: Pretty Little Liars left us with A LOT of unanswered questions. The show that turned every teenage girl into Sherlock Holmes had a less than satisfying ending for most viewers. PLL and I have a love-hate relationship. I love the drama, the meant-to-be couples, and the friends who never give up on each other. I hate the plot holes, the fake big reveals and the less than perfect finale. Pretty Little Liars will always have a special place in my heart. That being said I need some answers. Here is every question that PLL fans need to be answered ASAP. Warning: spoilers ahead!

1. How did Jenna get blinded by a firecracker?

So she's blinded but not burned by the fire?

2. Who let Toby wear a du-rag?

What kind of costume choice was this?


What did Maya know? Why did they never tell us what she knew? So many questions...

4. Bethany Young's storyline

I could have done without ever hearing the name Bethany Young

5. Who/what was in the barrel in that storage unit?

Was it a person? Was it nothing? I need to know

6. Everything to do with Ravenswood

We have enough drama, why do we need to ghosts involved?

7. Mrs. Grunwald and her predictions

Lady gives me the creeps

8. Jason and Charlotte's relationship

Who at ABC Family thought that having siblings being in a romantic relationship was a fantastic idea??

9. Who was beach hottie?

We never got confirmation that it was Wilden... Maybe beach hottie is A?!


But really, all of Rosewood should be behind bars

11. Where is Tippi the bird?

Maybe the most honest character on the show

12. Who gave Alison that bloody lip?

Was it Ian? or Jason? or CeCe? or Garrett? or Toby? who knows...

13. How did Cece/Charlotte casually leave Radley whenever she pleased?

Aren't psych wards on lockdown?

14. How does everyone in one town end up in the same psych ward?

Rosewood must have something in the water

15. Eddie Lamb

Where is he? Why did he recognize Aria? Why did he help the liars? Is he doing okay?

16. Why did Aria have a Radley file?

Super suspicious

17. What was the deal with Sara Harvey and Charlotte?

Did Charlotte really kidnap her? Did Sara have Stockholm Syndrome? Why did Sara shower every other scene?

18. How did no one find out that Shana was murdered by Aria?

There were no fingerprints? no anything?

19. Why was Melissa constantly sketchy?

If you didn't do anything wrong, do act so guilty!

20. Why did no one wear gloves to commit crimes?

Did none of you watch CSI?

22. Everything to do with Andrew Campbell

Such an unnecessary character

21. What happened to Holden?

Is he still cooking? Does he still love Aria?

22. How is Little Fitz doing?

Was Wes mad about the Ezria wedding because of his kiss with Aria? Is he single and if so, can I have his number?

23. Why did Mike Montgomery disappear?

How dare he miss the Ezria wedding!

24. Why did Sydney even exist?


25. Every timeline ever on PLL

Nothing ever lined up and it was beyond frustrating

26. Why is Peter Hastings such a player?

You were married to boss lawyer genius and you constantly cheat on her..smart move

27. Where is Liam?

He was nerdy and harmless; I hope he's good

28. What happened to Nicole?

Is she still breaking into Ezria's apartment?

29. Everything to do with Lucas

Was he good or evil? Helpful or harmful?

30. Who is making all of these masks?

And why did no one think to find this guy and ask him who A is?

31. Why does Tanner have a vendetta against the liars?

Please, leave Rosewood immediately

32. Why are Mona and Caleb weirdly close yet still hate each other?

Quite possibly the strangest relationship to ever come from Rosewood, PA.

33. What's Noel Kahn's deal?

Why did he hate the liars? Why did he help Jenna and Charlotte? At least he got what was coming to him.

34. Is Mary Drake good or bad?

The world may never know

35. Why did Alex Drake torture Hanna?

This seemed pointless and unreasonably cruel, even for A.D.

36. Why did Alex think she and Aria were going to be the closest of all?

Is it because they both have Radley history? Maybe they were destined to scheme, lie and steal together

37. How did Mona get to Paris?

And how did she get two full grown people there against their will?

38. Did Alex Drake kill Yvonne?

Did she do it for Toby? Was it the butterscotch cookies?

39. Who decided that the Alex Drake storyline was a good idea?

C'mon Marlene, we deserved better

40. How did the wine moms get out of the basement?


Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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9-1-1 Should Be Your New TV Obsession

If you haven't started watching Ryan Murphy's latest project, you're missing out

With the start of the new year, there are many more tv shows to be discovered. In fact, they are never ending. While some tv shows are boring and have already been portrayed in earlier, better series, some shows really go well beyond the description of "good." Brought to you from the creators of American Horror Story and The People V. O.J. Simpson, that's right Ryan Murphy, also Glee creator, has done it again with another gripping television drama airing Wednesdays on Fox: 9-1-1.

You may recognize two people if you are a fan of Ryan Murphy's work; Angela Bassett, and Connie Britton who both starred in one or more seasons of American Horror Story.

Your first thought is probably to compare it to all those other cop and doctor shows, like Greys Anatomy. I know that I did. However I have never seen a show quite like this one. Not only does it follow the lives of people on the police force, but also mainly that of firefighters. What I find most unique is that Britton plays a 9-1-1 dispatcher.

Often the episodes with start with a call that Britton gets from someone in trouble, and often times she is an integral part of keeping them calm, and alive. She even gets her hands dirty a couple of times.

What's different about this show is the ability to entertain while also not overdoing it with the drama. The cases that these first responders stumble on are a lot of times things that you would never even imagine. Which makes me wonder if they're actually real.

You quickly get absorbed into the drama of their cases as well as the drama of their lives, and let me tell you... They are no ordinary people. With a stacked cast and fantastic acting that can only be portrayed by the greatest, it is safe to say that 9-1-1 is my new obsession, and it should be yours too.

Cover Image Credit: youtube.com

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