Call Me Crazy, But... College Parties? Wildly Overrated
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Student Life

Call Me Crazy, But... College Parties? Wildly Overrated

College parties can be fun, but they aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Call Me Crazy, But... College Parties? Wildly Overrated
Caroline Parry

I have just completed my sophomore year of college at the University of Rhode Island and what an incredible adventure it has been so far. My parents always remind my sister and me that, "we are not paying for you to party for four years," which is true. And I hope to their knowledge that they are aware I am not spending my time doing so. Occasionally I go out and have a fun time with my friends, or indulge in a wine night every once in awhile. I honestly think that the college party scene is very overrated, call me boring if you must.

I remember the first night of freshman year. All my friends had shuffled in and out of dorms that night trying to find a party to go to, or somewhere we could drink without the worry of being written up. We all had one thing in common: it had been ingrained in our minds that because we were finally at college that we had to drink and we needed to be at a party. This is what's so wrong about social media, we are teaching kids that because you are in college you have to be drinking or partying to get the ultimate college experience. I mean call me crazy, but I am just not that excited at the idea of standing in a basement on a Friday night drinking jungle juice and watching people throw up in the corner.

The college party scene is so different at every school. My school has a large number of students in Greek organizations, which really attributes to the reputation of being a party school. A large number of students most likely chose URI because of the well-known party culture it encourages. Listen, there is nothing wrong with wanting to go out and loosen up with your friends. But that is not all that college is about.

Check your Snapchat on a Friday or Saturday night. Chances are it is filled with videos of all your high school friends "slapping the bag" or pouring Jell-O shots down their throats. That sounds fun and all, but I just don't think it is. I too am a victim of doing this. But look closely. All those Snapchats are capturing the funny moments that are happening, you are not seeing those events in real time. You never see the moments of people standing around before the party, when no one is there. By using social media apps such as Snapchat, we are assuming that the second you walk into a party it's going to be in full swing with everyone dancing and having fun. Sometimes this is the case, and when that happens it's awesome. But, you don't see the empty bar or basement with ten or so people before all of this happens.

I think the college party scene is overrated because well, it just is. Not every party is going to be like the videos we see on Barstool, but the parties are what you make of it. Always drink responsibly, and always remember your Juul.

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