I Asked 25 Individuals What They're Passionate About
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Student Life

I Asked 25 Individuals What They're Passionate About

What does it mean to find your passion and use it?

I Asked 25 Individuals What They're Passionate About
Ian Schneider

For the past few weeks, I have been figuring out what it means to find our passions and use them in what makes us ache. In this process, I’ve realized all of us have different passions to pour into life. To gain some perspective, I asked the people of Facebook the question, “What are you passionate about? Why?”

I gained twenty-five responses across a variety of topics, which are featured here, using first names for privacy reasons.

A common thread through the majority of the responses was expressed by Tucker, who actually realized he isn’t passionate about any specific thing:

My passion is joy, because in a borderline hedonistic way I have always found drive and motivation in doing the things I like doing, and when something is difficult and not inherently enjoyable (work for example) I can ‘choose joy’ as much as I can. … Choosing joy can be the simplest thing to be passionate about without even realizing that’s what your drive is: joy in yourself and finding joy in others.

Many people’s passions had common areas of interest, as the remaining 24 individuals' responses are categorized:

The Study of History and People

1. “History, because without the study of our past we can have no successful future.” – Hannah

2. “Preservation of history because it’s important to remember where we’ve been.” – Madison

3. “The soul.” – Jennifer

4. “The mind and how it works. So much of who we are and what we care about is a product of the mind. It’s infinitely fascinating and infinitely important to understand.” – Mackenzie

Causes and Helping Others

1. “I am passionate about abortion because millions are being killed at their most vulnerable stage of life, and I think that’s horrifying.” – Kathryn.

2. “… I’d have to say adoption. Finding a child who needs a home and a family and being able to provide just that is simply beautiful. And birth mothers, who make the decision to give their child a better life, even if they don’t get to be a part of it, have to be some of the most selfless people. Just a beautiful, pure process.” – Audrey

3. “ … Above all, just helping people. I’m happy using everything I have in whatever area I’m needed. I fell in love teaching refugee kids in Seattle and now I’m going to the Middle East in a few months! I’m passionate about helping the homeless because of all the meaningful relationships and moments I’ve shared with them. I’m passionate about adoption, about choosing someone to care for for the rest of your life and never letting them forget that, even if they’ve been in the system for multiple years. I’m passionate about music, and just seeing how much I have in common with people by listening to the way they sing or play some notes. I’m passionate about family, they’ve been some of the biggest influences in my life, even though we’re a small group. They’re the people with you when you come into the world, and if you’re as lucky as me, they hate to see you leave and will always be there. Lastly, I’m just passionate about inspiring and motivating people, and making even the littlest impact on anyone’s life. That’s the best thing of all time.” – Steven

4. “Helping people find their voices [and] being a voice for the voiceless. I have a passion for the groups that do not have a voice due to language, culture, discrimination or any other kind of barrier. I want them to find their voices and be able to speak, and when they cannot, I want to be the person they can come to, to speak on their behalf. I want to be a safe person for all people of all nations, religions and cultures. I want to give them a voice, whether it be empowering them with language or standing beside them against adversity, or whatever they need.” – Josie

5. “… Loving people whoever they are and wherever they’re at. It fires me up greatly when I see people not be treated how they should be treated, and I recognize that I’m not perfect at this but I believe that this is something God has instilled in me. I love seeing the look on people’s faces when they are treated differently (in a good way) than they have before. It is better to give than to receive in many more ways than the physical.” – Keely (part one)

Forms of Self-Expression

1. “Anime. Because I’m a nerd I guess. Specifically one that has amazing characters and an amazing story and incredible visuals. I also like to code because I can memorize code so fast.”— Taylor

2. “I’m passionate about cosplaying! It’s really an amazing thing to transform yourself into a different person and escape from day-to-day life even just for a second. It opens up the doors to building new friendships, because when you’re cosplaying other people can visibly see if they have a similar interest with you. And it’s an amazing feeling when other people see you and get excited. I remember last year, at a convention, my friend Dale was cosplaying as Gaara from Naruto, and this little boy got so excited and asked Dale to take a picture with him. It was really a heartwarming moment.” – Lindsey

3. “Creating. Doesn’t matter the medium. Welding, wood working, cooking, writing, anything. Expressing myself in a creative manner is when I’m happiest.” – Reid

4. “Music. Period. If we could say it with words, then we wouldn’t need music to say it! Music gives me an opportunity to connect with our Creative Creator. Music is an amazing language. There is a whole conversation that happens in music. I don’t know what or who I would be fi I didn’t have song to allow God to speak in my life or through my life.” – Katie

5. “MUSIC. Because music has been a part of my life, and always will be a part of my life. It is a language in and of itself, so much emotion and passion can be conveyed through music.” – Camille


1. “Teaching children. Seeing them grow, in their understanding of knowledge, themselves and the world around them. Seeing the look on their faces when they finally understand something they have been struggling with. They bring joy and craziness and everything in-between and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”— Azriella

2. “ … My job at David’s Bridal. Partly because I get to be a part of someone’s very special day and hopefully have a positive impact on one of their favorite moments in their life. But also because this job has helped me to think better of myself. When I started, I didn’t have entirely great self-esteem, and it was intimidating to go to work in a place that was covered in mirrors. But it actually has helped me to become more confident in myself, in how I look and feel, but also because I get to use my knowledge in an applicable way and feel useful.” – Keely (part two)

3. “My job. I am a server at Applebee’s. And it isn’t the job itself. It is the fact that I get to directly interact with people in their daily lives. And I get to serve them. It is a humbling job, but I get to serve them and show them Christ through my actions. My favorite times are when I get to put a smile on someone’s face by making a joke, or going that second mile to make sure my customers have a good time. It may seem trivial, but it is my mission field. And I love it.” – Johanna

Various Parts of Life

1. “I’m passionate about chickens. Chickens are beautiful majestic creatures. If everyone had two chickens, they could eat every day for the cost of caring for the bird. This food expressing machine can also give comfort and calm if you sit and watch them. I sincerely believe our world could be better if chickens were more common.” – Kimberly

2. “Sports, making a difference, being real, being a good friend.” – Ryan

3. “Warm fireplaces, cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, tea, mugs, companionable silence, stillness of forests, good books, and fall in general. Yes, it’s stereotypical fall sentimental quietness, and I am passionate about its existence. What beauty, inside and outside our door!” – Kayla

4. “Positivity!” – Rachel

5. “Dogs.” – Laura

6. “Sleeping. It allows me to enter a new world where dreaming is my reality. I can do things that aren’t possible in the real world, like fly and breathe underwater. Then when I wake up, I can feel refreshed and ready for another day of reality.” – Iz

7. “Does it have to be ONE thing? Grandkids, pomegranates, writing, sewing, photography, ancient ruins, reading narrative non-fiction, exploring new places, animals, etc. Why? Because life has SO [many] exciting [things], I can’t settle on one thing. Well, okay, the grandkids: because I get to TEACH again by hanging out with them. I love to show and teach them new wonders!” – Beverly

We each have a passion, and we can use each one in various aspects of our lives. As Tucker said, choose and find joy. Take that joy and use it in the world.

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