Spring Break is right around the corner and everyone is on edge because the greatest week of the college year is about to finally arrive. It brings forth some of the best and most unforgettable (or extremely forgettable) memories. Girls have been online shopping for new bathing suits for weeks and guys have been saving up for all of the beer they plan on consuming. Pack your bags and get ready for the best week of the year. As fun as it all is everyone needs a little reminder of what not to do, and hey everyone loves Spongebob so lets just see what he has to say.

Don't walk home alone. Always have someone with you.

Don't over do it the first night because you won't want to stay in and miss out because you're still recovering.

Don't forget your sunscreen. That makes for a painful week.

Don't run away from the cops because that's just never a good idea.

Don't dance alone.

Don't put your name or Greek letters anywhere-that's embarrassing.

Don't do that wet t-shirt competition. Especially if you have a 'dad bod' as a guy.

Don't pick up crabs.. take that how you want it.

Don't even think about taking off your bathing suit.

Boys: (Well I guess girls too, but hopefully not) don't get in any fights and get your teeth knocked out.

Don't get a tattoo, and that includes Henna too.

Don't lose your wallet.

Don't drunk eat your friend's food.

Don't try to make a plan, it's spring break, just go with the flow.

Don't get evicted.

Don't act trashy, always stay classy.

Don't forget about your test Monday!

My regards if this is you. Happy Spring Break!