Lessons you learn as a nanny
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10 Lessons I've Learned As A Nanny

I've learned more about life from kids who haven't fully experienced it yet.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

When I accepted a job being a nanny, I was extremely excited. Not only was I going to be able to save up money this summer, but I would also get to hang with new kiddos and enjoy some childhood nostalgia. But I never realized how much you can learn from kids until I met them. Their perspective on how to deal with problems, the little things that make them happy, and the way they live day to day is something I never realized I needed in my life. I've heard people talk about how much they learn from their children, but you never fully understand what they mean until you experience it yourself.

1. Always appreciate the little things.

From a new episode of their favorite shows to getting a cookie from Publix, every unexpected treat means the world to them. It has allowed me to take a step back and be more appreciative of the things I have and the people that surround me.

2. Your struggles won't last forever.

Everyone has their bad days. Sometimes dropping that ice cream cone in the parking lot seems like the end of the world. But after a few tears and hitting the drive-thru, everything is okay again. Although struggles as an adult are larger than ice cream, they have shown me that there will always be a solution to everything and to be patient as I wait for it.

3. Always be fearless in what you do.

They have climbed a tree as high as they could without a single fear in their body. I think that fearlessness has slowly rubbed off on me and I'm extremely thankful for that.

4. Chicken nuggets are life.

Chicken nuggets have, and always will be, the most important food in the world.

5. Laughter really is the best medicine.

Who doesn't love a good laugh? Not only do I love seeing these kids laugh so hard that they begin to cry but they make me laugh harder than I ever have before.

6. Speak up for yourself.

I have always been what people call a doormat. I have found myself in situations multiple times where I have allowed others to simply get away with hurting me and not asking for an apology. These kids have shown me how simple it is to say how you feel and allow others to be aware of how they affect you.

7. Imagination is so important.

I think adults forget how crucial it is to have a good imagination. Problem-solving, writing articles, and everything in between requires a large amount of imagination to be successful.

8. Express yourself.

I've enjoyed nothing more than singing obnoxiously loud in the car with them and dancing around the house without a care in the world. These kids have allowed me to be myself and nothing else when I am around them.

9. Everyone deserves a chance.

Kids don't know things about other kids before they meet them. They approach one another with zero assumptions or biases. It's refreshing seeing them make new friends and just having a blast together. It has made me re-think my opinions on people I don't know and those I've only met a few times.

10. Everyone needs a technology break.

When I was a kid, there weren't iPads, iPhones, or other things that took up a lot of my attention. They have shown me how much the world and technology are changing every day. I've started making myself take technology breaks during the daytime with them and when I get home to find a good balance of it in my life.

I never knew what I would gain when I received this job. I expected fun memories, new little friends, and an enjoyable way to spend my summer days. I could not have seen all of the love, knowledge, and experiences I have gained so far coming my way. I am so thankful to have gotten to know the kids, and myself, on a deeper level. I am looking forward to the new memories and lessons to be brought my way. So from now on, keep your ears perked up towards the little ones. You never know what they may teach you.

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