What My Greek Twin Means to Me

One of the most exciting weeks when you become a new member is, hands down, big/little week. You are eagerly looking around figuring out who would make the best role model for you. Who do you see as actually being your big sister? Little do you know that some of the potential bigs are taking twins. Some of us would think that being a twin would be a terrible idea; you want to have your big just to yourself. Who likes to share!? Some of us would love the idea of being a twin. That gives you a better chance to get to know more of your sisters better. Personally for me, I wasn’t sure about the idea of being a Twin. But when the day of big/little reveal came around, I didn’t realize how much of an impact my Greek twin would make in my life.    

Unfortunately not every sister gets the opportunity to be a Greek twin. My pledge class was so huge, that most of the potential bigs had to take twins; there were only a few of my sisters that were not twins. It makes me sad that not every sister gets to experience being a twin because they are missing out on so much. Here are the many benefits of being a Greek twin...

My Greek twin becomes my second Big.

Of course we both love our big very much. But because she is a Senior, she can get a little busy sometimes with graduation right around the corner. If I ever need another shoulder to lean on, my twin is there for me. If I am ever in trouble throughout the day and I need someone’s help, I have my twin on speed dial and I know she will be there for me within seconds. If I ever crave for McDonald’s at 2 a.m., I know for sure that my twin will be parked in front of my residence hall, honking her horn and screaming, “Hurry, I need a McDonald’s Coke!” My twin then becomes the big sister I wish I had. My Twin also becomes a role model to me; she is someone I can look up to. 

My Greek twin and I literally act like twins.

Suddenly you start to realize that you and your twin start to think act alike. You become each other's two peas in a pod. You both catch yourselves saying the same thing, you both start to dress alike and you both became each other’s best friend. My Greek twin is literally my other half. Whenever I have required events to go to for my sorority, I get a little lost whenever my twin isn’t there. Whenever my sisters see that I am not with my twin, they also ask where she is. With that being asked, I always know where my twin is.  

My Greek Twin is referred as Twin or Twinnie, Never by her full name unless we are having a serious conversation.
The only time I ever use her real name is whenever we are having a heart-to-heart conversation.  

Lastly, my Greek twin gives me the best advice.

Chances are, your Greek twin has been through a lot of crazy situations that you are personally dealing with now. They are the best whenever it comes to giving advice because they have been in the same shoes! Not only do they give the best advice about life, they give you the best advice whenever it comes to clothes. Sure you think you look good in that skinny red dress, but your twin will straight up tell you that you look like a hooker getting ready to be picked up at the corner. Your twin will tell you the truth no matter what; they tell it how it is.  

If it weren’t for my Greek twin, I would have never found one of my best friends. My twin is my rock and she has easily become one of the most important people in life. Yeah, it might annoy others how obsessed we are with each other, but those that are not twins will never experience the true meaning of friendship.

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