If there was one thing that was going to be very different come my freshman year of college, it was that I was going to have to live with another person. Coming from a house where I had my own room with my own stuff and going into a room with another person and having to share space was going to be quite the change and the adventure. I knew it would end up teaching me at least something, but I was not quite prepared for what it would actually end up teaching me.

The very first thing that living with another person taught me was how to approach conflict in such a way that it not only fixed whatever situation was going on but also helped the both of us become stronger and better people. Instead of being passive aggressive and leaving sticky notes everywhere, standing up and being bold and confronting the conflict head first is what I have learned is the best way to do things. It not only helps things to be over quicker but also causes less drama.

Sharing: if there is one thing that both my roomie and I have learned is the concept of sharing. Clothes, food, drinks, school supplies, anything and everything. If one of us was craving chocolate and didn't have any in our stock of food, we learned that it was totally acceptable to just go and steal something from the other's stash. By the end of the semester, we didn't even have to ask each other anymore and it just became sort of a natural thing.

One of the most important and interesting things I think I have learned is that living with another person, whether you want it to happen or not, will entail adventures, late night talks, and many other memories that you won't want to forget at the end of the year. All of the late-night food runs, all of the trips to Target or Walmart, all of the talks about boys and what life was going to be like after graduation and after college are going to be the little things you won't forget when you've moved on.

Take advantage of the friend that you have living with you, if you're lucky. Make sure you appreciate them for dealing with all of your mental breakdowns because school is too overwhelming. Thank them for helping you study for that dreaded German test that you knew you would fail if they didn't help you study your 100 million vocabulary flashcards. Thank them for letting you know when you were being irritating and annoying, but also, make sure you tell them the same things. Remember that you may never have another friend/roommate/study buddy/late night run buddy again.