What I've Learned From My Grandma

I've decided to take a break from writing about mental health this week because I feel that I need to take some time to appreciate the blessings in my life. One of which is the strong female role models that have raised me.

My grandma–my Nan, as I call her–was the epitome of strength. She defied all odds, she fought through so many hardships, and she was always true to who she was. Nan was the type of person who knew who she was inside and lived life to the fullest. There are very few people like that in this world and to have her as my grandmother was an absolute blessing. She also passed down this strength and strong will to her 5 daughters--one of them being my mother. I see a lot of Nan in my mom because she also has a strong sense of self-knowledge. They both created big beautiful families with women who have learned and needed to learn from the kind of strength they have. They both had some rough times in life where things shouldn't have worked out, but they did because of love and family support. To be a daughter and a granddaughter to these women who showed me that no matter what happens my family will be there for me, I'm honored.

My Nan was so incredibly wise and she shared her wisdom in the most peculiar ways. She used to tell me "life's a bitch, and then you die" and I think the bluntness of that statement is enough to remind you that life is finite, but what you do in the finite time that you are given, could last forever. Yes, I got all that from what she said because now my Nan has passed on and I witnessed only a small portion of what she has done in her time on Earth and I know it will last forever because her legacy lives through my mom and someday, I hope to have live through me.

I see it in my older sisters who have also created their own beautiful families and who have always put their family first, just as we were taught. I've seen my sisters struggle and pull through every time. I know they haven't had it easy, but they've made the best of everything they have and I'm proud to be their sibling.

I see it in my cousins who are growing women chasing their dreams and becoming adults. I see it in my aunts who, like my mom, have created a life all about family and love. I see my Nan in all the women in my life and even though she has passed on, she will always be with me.

She taught me family is most important and strength is internal. I hope to be half the woman she was someday.

Fly high, my beautiful angel!

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