Always trying to be friends with your older sibling’s friends.

They just seem so cool!

You're constantly picked on.

Punched, kicked, hit, being a test subject for a school science project, you name it!

There are opinions already formed about you.

You are immediately guilty by association. Once teachers see your last name, you’ll be linked to your older sibling for the rest of the year.

Always being player two in video games.

The only time that I was able to be player one was when my sibling wasn't home.

Knowing which classes not to take.

My brother said the teacher wasn't too friendly, so I didn’t take the class. I’ll just sit here in peace while other students complain about the course.

Sometimes being able to do things your sibling couldn’t.

It’s not my fault that parents become less strict after their first child.

Having a personal chauffeur before you get your license.

If the parents are paying for your sibling's car, you can bet that mom or dad will make them drive you places.

You’ve been called “adopted” on multiple occasions.

I’m pretty sure there were a few times when I almost believed it. Then, you begin to start using it as an excuse, or even better, you play into the joke.

The threat of having your sibling telling people embarrassing things about you.

They know too much.

You always have someone to look up to.

Underneath all the meaningless fights, there is a lot of unspoken love. Siblings have your back, and older siblings are basically born to look out for you. Whether you get your heart broken, you need an alibi, or you’re looking for some wisdom, older siblings are always there.