What It's Like To Work At A Bakery
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What It's Like To Work At A Bakery

The inside scoop on what a bakery worker experiences...

What It's Like To Work At A Bakery
Bakery Business
  1. Lots of Angry Customers

As with any other business, a bakery does tend to be a hotspot for long lines and impatient customers (which is not an ideal combination). When working during holidays, early Sunday mornings, or during rush hour, it seems that there always seem to be a multitude of hungry people eager to get their sweet treats.

2. Lots of Sweeping

Due to the constant transportation of cakes, rugelach, danishes, and the numerous other goodies, the floor of a bakery is commonly coated in bits of pastries and powdered sugar. Thus, it seems to be after a four hour shift, one has swept the floor hundreds of times, in hopes of a spotless and admirable result.

3. Lots of Baking Lessons

When one works at a bakery, something very beneficial in the long-run is that they are given numerous instructions on how to make the proper desserts. I consider this a bone, and once I learn a new recipe it sticks with me, because hey, who doesn’t love baking delicious foods.

4. Lots of Willpower

Cannolis. Napoleons. Crumb buns. Temptation takes over in a workplace with such delectable aromas floating through the air. However, it’s good to be able to train oneself to withstand the urge to eat everything in sight. All in all, working at a place with so many options conditions the worker to maintain a calm and collected mindset without acting on their guilty pleasures.

5. Lots of Free Treats

On the flipside of number four, at the end of the day, many bakeries allow workers to take home the food that did not sell. Who doesn’t love being able to bring home delicacies (usually that are free)? This includes cookies, cakes, and many other mouth-watering delicacies that are quite enjoyable to devour and share with friends.
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