What It's Like In The Life Of A Writer

What It's Like In The Life Of A Writer

Our minds seem to work differently, and that's a-okay.

If you've ever had any interest in writing, you understand what it's like to well, be a writer. Whether you journal, jot, write stories or poems, your mind is very creative and different from the rest. As a writer, you may tend to see the beauty in erratic situations, make stories out of the most random encounters, or pen out your feelings because it's your one way of getting your message across. We writers tend to be different from the rest because of many reasons. Our minds seem to work differently, and that's a-okay.

To have the mind of a writer is both glorious and torturing all at the same time. If you're a writer of sports, fashion, romance, horror, scripture, and anything in between, you probably understand what I mean. So, if you're anything like me, here's what it's like to live the life of a writer:

1. My mind is always on the move.

I am constantly looking and searching for new ideas or for something new to write about no matter what time of day it is. 24/7, my mind is in its own world: drafting new concepts, creating new meaning, and designing new ideas that could be really great. I'll be in the middle of writing something one minute, but the next I could be on a whole new topic. My mind picks and chooses day by day what's new and what's interesting. It works at a mile per second and sometimes it's actually hard to stay on track. It's like a record that's on repeat and never, ever stops turning.

2. I'm always so intrigued with other people's work.

Whenever I read another person's work, it always seems to inspire me to come up with new ideas. Reading other people's work helps me get out of the chaos of my own, release my stress, and relax me. Whether its a novel, an article, a column, or a blog, any form seems to intrigue me in some way. Reading other people's work inspires me to become a better writer. Not only that but looking at other's work almost always brings out the competitive side in me because I tend to ask myself, "In what ways could I top this? In what ways can I better my writing skills from this?" Within writing, that competitive side of us can come out in full swing, so we have to be careful to not get lost in it. Reading others work is always so intriguing to me because it's something new and something I usually am not used to.

3. My ideas spark at the most random times.

For me, my ideas usually spark after I'm inspired by something. Whether I see a dog on the street or I think back to a certain memory in my life, my ideas usually stem from there. Because my mind is constantly searching for new ideas, the better ones (at least for me) tend to spark late at night, especially right before I fall asleep. So random, but once they start coming in they don't stop.

4. My iPhone notes are full of sparse sentences and random phrases.

Because the ideas spark at the most random times, I always need somewhere to keep them. I know that my notes are full of random here and there's, misfits that'll never be. I have pages after pages of notes that are waiting for the right time to be used: random wannabes that are waiting for their chance in the spotlight. There are endless paragraphs on life, love, and everything in between. My iPhone notes can almost be viewed like a bullet journal in a sense because they just patiently await the day for newcomers or the day to be used.

5. Once I get the urge to write about something, it has to be written right then and there.

Maybe it's not the same for all of you, but usually, when I think of a topic I'm really interested in, I have to write about it right then and there. The longer I wait, the faster the topic drains and new ones overcome. The more I put it off, the less into the topic I am and it's harder for me to write about it. Sometimes, I even forget. So, once I have an urge to write, it has to be done.

6. I over-analyze everything.

Whether it's something someone said to me, a lyric from a song, or a line in one of my favorite novels, it'll always (without a doubt) be over-analyzed. I'll analyze it enough to find a million different reasons as to just why those words were said or written, and then I'll analyze each of those reasons. It's a constant cycle which seems to never end. Someone will say something to me and months later I'll still be thinking about it, wondering just why they said that certain thing and wondering just what they meant by it. Years after a song has been released I'll be listening to it, analyzing the song word by word, still trying to find that exact meaning behind it, even though I already discovered it years ago. My over-analyzing often sparks me with new ideas, which can be looked as a plus of the great power of analytical reasoning, but with that comes chaos.

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7 TV Shows that were Cancelled Before Their Time

They should have been given a real chance.

Television shows have been a staple in many homes around the world for almost 100 years. During that time, multiple shows have come and gone without being given the opportunity to really get on their feet.

Some were of low quality and could have just been pulled because of it; while many others were excellent...but due to low ratings, were canceled by their network. I asked TV junkies on Tumblr and Oh No They Didn't which shows they thought were undeserved victims of such an injustice. Here were the top 10.

1. "Pushing Daisies"

pushing daisies

This was overwhelmingly named as the top show that got treated dirty by the network, ABC. It was bright and colorful, literally, and had a gripping story of Ned, a piemaker (Lee Pace), who had the ability to bring dead people back to life with just a single touch. He used this talent to help solve murder cases. Throw in dynamic characters, such as the private investigator, played by Chi McBride; and Olive, portrayed by the amazing Kristin Chenoweth, it's a shame this show didn't make it past three seasons. It was canceled in 2009.

2. "Selfie"

Selfie ABC

This sitcom was another casualty of ABC. It was a modern-day version of "My Fair Lady." Granted, neither its title, nor its pilot, were very appealing, but it really hit its stride on the third episode. Plus, John Cho as the romantic lead? Yes, please. Sadly, the ratings did not improve by midseason. ABC pulled it in 2015 after airing only 13 episodes.

3. "Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23"

Yet another show that ABC canceled (it's not intentional, I swear!). Starring a pre-"Jessica Jones" Krysten Ritter, it centered around Chloe, a party girl who intentionally tries to scare off her roommates. Featuring a fictionalized version of James Van Der Beek (yes, that James Van Der Beek), the series received much praise from critics, but its ratings did not agree. ABC canceled it midseason in January 2013.

4. "Freaks and Geeks"


Moving over to NBC for this one, "Freaks and Geeks" starred young Linda Cardellini, James Franco and Seth Rogen. It followed brother/sister duo Lindsay and Sam Weir as they befriend different groups in their new high school, the "freaks" and the "geeks." Low ratings only allowed NBC to initially air 12 of the 18 episodes in the fall of 1999. Fan outcry caused the network to air the remaining six episodes on the Fox Family Channel in September 2000.

5. "Galavant"


Back to ABC, "Galavant" was campy, fun and musical. With the music and lyrics co-written by Alan Menken (known for conducting much of the Disney songs we know and love), the show centered around a knight called Sir Galavant and his rivalry with King Richard. Comedy and songs throughout made it a fun story, which began airing in the 2015 midseason. Its second season kicked off with an episode poking fun at its low ratings and precarious status before ABC canceled it in spring 2016.

6. "Better Off Ted"

better off ted

Another ABC sitcom and this is a show that I had never actually heard of, but its title came up a lot in the polls. It was a satire about a single father (Jay Harrington), who was the head of the research and development department at a large corporation. Costarring Portia de Rossi, the series premiered in March 2009, but its ratings dropped each week, forcing a cancellation in Jan. 2010.

7. "Kings"


Not to be confused with a Canadian show with a similar name, "Kings" was on NBC for a mere 12 episodes in 2009. It starred the always terrific Ian McShane in a futuristic version of what was eerily similar to the Bible story of King David. NBC aired the first five episodes in March 2009, then concluded airing its other seven episodes that July before announcing its cancellation.

8. "Firefly"


I was surprised that this one did not make it higher on the list. Even today, fans still talk about the unfair treatment it received from Fox Network. The story took place in the year 2517 on various planets and star systems in space. It centered around a crew aboard the Serenity, a "Firefly-class" spaceship, captained by Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion). It premiered on Fox in September 2002, but then the network announced its cancellation after only 11 episodes were aired. Fan popularity and fan campaigns led to a movie, "Serenity," released in 2005, followed by a fan-made documentary in 2006.

9. "Rome"


The only cable show on this list, "Rome" was a historical drama set in first century BC during the time when Ancient Rome was transitioning into an empire. The characters were loosely based on real people from history, but the protagonists were two fictional soldiers by the names of Lucius Vorenus, played by Kevin McKidd, and Titus Pullo, played by Ray Stevenson.

It ran for two seasons on HBO, as well as the British Broadcasting Company, from August 2005 through March 2007. Unlike the other shows on the list, its reason for the cancellation was not because of low ratings but because the show was very expensive to film. Allegedly, there is currently a movie script based on the show being shopped around to different production companies.

10. "My So-Called Life"


Ending this list with, of course, another show canceled by ABC. Though, this one was a drama, not a sitcom. It premiered in August 1994 and starred Claire Danes as Angela Chase, an insecure teenager who encounters hardships in her social circle. The show dealt with heavy issues such as child abuse, homophobia and school violence. It received acclaim from critics, as well as a Golden Globe win for Danes. However, it succumbed to its low ratings in 1995, after only 19 episodes were aired.

Do you agree with this list? What other shows do you think should have made it on here? Do you feel like going back and watching any of these shows, and then screaming at the unfairness of its network for taking them off the air?

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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The Geeky Couple Gift Guide

Couple Gift Ideas

So, you’re stuck on what to give your geeky boyfriend/girlfriend. Fear not! We’re here to save the big day - whether birthday, anniversary or just because - with this detailed gift guide for nerds. 

Get your lightsaber, wand, or dragon ready. We’re going in.

1. Themed games

Think of your love’s favorite movie/show/videogame, fuse it with a beloved board game, and you’ve got the perfect “themed game” gift. Seriously, you won’t believe how much awesome stuff is out there. We recommend starting with your top-choice fandom. For Star Wars alone, you’ve got a brilliant Star Wars Bop It!, as well as Star Wars Battleship, Star Wars Risk, Star Wars Trivial Pursuit and Star Wars Monopoly.

Our best ideas: Zelda Clue, Doctor Who Yahtzee, Spongebob Monopoly, Justice League Chess, and Star Wars Bop It!.

2. “Nerd wear”

T-shirts, scarves, hoodies, pajamas, socks, slippers… there’s no end to good geeky clothing. If you’re looking for something useful and delightfully hipster, this option never fails. 

Our best ideas: Nintendo T-shirt, Hogwarts Scarf Set, Spider-Man Tie, Chewbacca Slippers and Justice League Socks. 

3. Phone cases

Yup, you heard that right: phone cases. They’ve gotten geekier and more elaborate with the years. Check out a whole bunch of them here. You might find something as crazy-cool as a Back to the Future Case.

Our best ideas: Doctor Who Warhol Case, Han Solo Carbonite Case, Batman Case, Transformers Megatron Case and Back to the Future Case. 

4. Clocks

Boy, there are creative designers out there. This Thor’s Hammer Wobble Clock is just the start of a long list of amazing themed clocks. An ideal gift for a nerd who’s always running late (you know who you are)...

Our best ideas: Boba Fett Lamp Clock, Homer Simpson Wobble Clock, Wonder Woman Wall Clock, Ninja Turtle Clock and Thor’s Hammer Wobble Clock. 

5. Bags

The best gift of all: a themed bag! It’s versatile, useful and just plain cool. We can already hear the compliments coming your way with this Zelda Shield Backpack gift. Or maybe a Beauty and the Beast Book Clutch? So. Awesome. Can’t. Handle. 

Our top picks: Deadpool Utility Bag, Beauty and the Beast Book Clutch, Newt Scamander Trunk Handbag, Princess Leia Tote and Zelda Shield Backpack. 

6. Jewelry

Let’s be real, jewelry always goes over well. But the geekier the better! Here you’ve got some great options, such as these Dancing Groot Earrings. 

Our best ideas: Black Panther Claw Necklace, Iron Man Reactor Ring, Game of Thrones Lion Pendant, Minecraft Mushroom Necklace and Dancing Groot Earrings. 

7. Glasses and mugs

There’s nothing better to cheers a birthday or anniversary with geeky pint glasses! Or be reminded of your special somebody with a travel mug. These are sure winners. 

Our best ideas: Pokeball Mug, Spock Tiki Glass, Hogwarts Travel Mug, Adventure Time Fluted Glass and Super Mario Bros. Pint Glasses. 

8. Blankets

Cuddles are sure to come your way with a themed blanket gift. Warm thing + stunning design = perfection.

Our best ideas: Nintendo Game Boy Blanket, 2-Sided Game of Thrones Blanket, Doctor Who Symbol Blanket, Firefly Serenity Blanket and Spider-Man Retro Blanket. 

9. Lamps 

Ok, these lamps are the perfect combo of gorgeous and geeky. (C’mon, admit it, this Triwizard Cup Lamp is magical.) Definitely look at all the options; they’ll get your gift-giving fired up. 

Our best ideas: Wonder Woman Desk Lamp, Mario Chain Chomp Lamp, Death Star Desk Lamp, Pac Man Ghost Light and Triwizard Cup Lamp. 

10. Headphones and speakers

Get your geeky groove on with these headphones and speakers. An extra pair is always handy for anybody - especially when they’re themed! Perfect for the nerdy music-lovers out there.

Our best ideas: Adventure Time Lumpy Headphones, Star Wars Rebel Chopper Earbuds, Transformers Yellow Bot Bluetooth, Pokemon Headband Headphones and My Little Pony Music Bank. 

11. Posters etc.

The possibilities are endless for posters. Take it from us and check out prints, murals and posters. There’s a myriad of different styles and types of wall art to choose from, so no excuses for coming empty-handed to your boyfriend/girlfriend’s party. 

Our best ideas: Aquaman Print, Harry Potter Water Challenge, Fallout Wall Wrap, Retro Snow White Print and Lord of the Rings Map.


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