Being a directioner was so much more than being a fan. Every thought and action revolved around One Direction and the ultimate goal was to be recognizes. It wasn't about thinking they were cute and liking their music, no, being a directioner was a way of life.

The feeling of hearing they were taking a hiatus

The Jonas Brothers are back, when is One Direction coming back?

Constantly talking about One Direction

They were the most amazing band ever and you just had to explain why to every person you encountered.

Waking up and realizing you slept through a follow spree

Nothing was more depressing than missing an opportunity to be noticed.

Getting together with another hard-core Directioner

Finally being around someone who understood your... dedication (a.k.a. unhealthy obsession) was refreshing to say the least.


That's it. Send tweet. Just flailing and dancing and screaming in order to express your love.

Reading fanfics which robbed you of your innocence

Honestly, fanfic is worse than 50 Shades of Gray and we had no business reading that in middle school. We have no business reading that now either honestly.

Watching "One Direction Funny Moments" videos for hours

Each video was the same clips rearranged a million times over, but each one had you ready to pee your pants.

Commenting "MY OVARIES" on every picture of them

What were we even trying to express when we said this? Most of us hadn't even taken health class yet. Did we know what we were saying?

Whenever someone had the AUDACITY to insult your boys

It wasn't just rude, but it was also highly offensive

Being told you're too young to be thinking about boys this much

Liam is my mom trying to close the curtain over One Direction. I guess she just wanted me to focus on something like school or spending time with family?

Jamming to any and every song they put out 

Let's be honest, every single song they released was a bop, but they honestly could have recorded themselves burping the ABCs and I would have spent all of my babysitting money on it.

Hopefully this brought back as many deeply suppressed memories for you as it did for me.