What it Was Like Growing Up With Bieber Fever

You were the fan that watched his covers on Youtube from the beginning and attended every single concert. There is nobody that quite understands the definition of "Bieber Fever" like you do. The older I get, the more I have the Bieber Fever. Here's what it feels like to grow up with it.

1. There was not a song that you did not know.

2. If he had a concert in your hometown, you were at EVERY SINGLE ONE.

3. Nobody understood your obsession, but you believed you had some "personal connection" with him.

4. You cried over him an embarrassing amount of time because you "just love him so much."

5. Jelena tore your life apart.

7. You knew everything about him.

From his birthday, to his middle name, favorite color, pet's name, kind of car he drove, and even names of family members... EVERYTHING.

8. ...And you were the first to correct someone if they got a fact wrong.

9. Your parents thought you were absolutely insane.

But supported the concert tickets, merchandise, hundreds of songs you bought on iTunes.

10. You were the ultimate fangirl.

And will never be ashamed of how much time you put into someone who has no idea you exist.

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