What It Takes To Be In A Committed Relationship

There are so many negative articles out there that make relationships look bad or not worth it. Media makes true relationships seem impossible and out of reach, which is so far from the truth. When you find someone you love, it doesn't matter what you go through as long as those two people are serious about each other.

Here are some key points that will guide you in having that relationship you always dreamt of.

1. Commitment

Both people need to be committed. Relationships don't thrive off one person putting in their best effort while the other racks the benefits. Don't cheat, and don't do anything in spite. Love the person you're with for the right reasons. If you're both committed to each other, it will work.

2. Trust

Trust is the secret key to any healthy relationship. Without trust, there's no love. Without love, there's no relationship. Trust can be tricky based on your upbringing, and it can be one of the hardest aspects of being in a relationship. Don't go through their phone, trust them when they say they're telling the truth. Don't go looking for trouble, in the end, it won't make them love you. If you both have trust in each other, it will work.

3. Listen

Listen to what each other is saying. If they're sad, listen. If they're hurt, listen. If they're upset, listen. The worst thing you can do is ignore or show that you don't care when someone you love needs you. If you're both are willing to listen to each other, you'll get somewhere, and maybe learn a thing or two about them. If you both listen with open ears, it will work.

4. Respect

Respect is one of the most important yet easy aspects in a relationship. You want to be respected just as much as anyone else, and your partner feels the same. Respect is really important in relationships, but it's one of the easiest things to remember to do. Respect what they have to say, and they will respect you. If they disagree with something, respect them. If you had a problem with something and they wouldn't listen or acknowledge what you said, you'd be pretty upset. If you both respect each other, it will work.

5. Appreciation

Appreciate the person you love. You can show your appreciation by doing everything on this list thus far. Go out of your way for that person, and tell them you love them. They will appreciate you back, and the feelings will be reciprocated. If you both appreciate each other, it will work.

6. Have fun

Go on adventures and dates -- have fun with the person you love. Go on mini vacations where you have time to devote to each other. Celebrate each other and your relationship. Share common interests and just enjoy each other. If you have real fun with each other, it will work.

7. Team Work

Relationships are all about teamwork. Take turns doing things, don't be selfish, be empathetic. Being a team player is important in relationships because it takes two to tango, equal responsibility in the relationship will only make your love stronger. If you're both team players, it will work.

8. Communication

Communicate! If the person you love pissed you off, tell them, calmly. Express your frustration and concerns, but remember not to name call or belittle anyone. You can communicate with each other without being inappropriate. If you both communicate, it will work.

9. Sacrifice

Love is all about sacrifice and being selfless. If the person you love had their heart on going to a restaurant that you could care less for, go and make them happy! If you sacrifice for them and they appreciate it, they will do the same for you. The person you love will notice everything you do for them (if you're both on the same page), and they will want to make you just as happy as you make them. If you're both willing to sacrifice, it will work.

10. Love

Lastly, but most importantly, love. There is no relationship without pure love. Don't just settle for whatever you can get -- go out there and find someone who makes you so happy that it makes you feel like it can't be real. That kind of love does exist, despite what people tell you. Relationships have their ups and downs, and you may not like each other all the time. You will disagree and have arguments, but it's important to remember that is part of life. To love someone means to love them at their worst and their best, to love them with every bone in your body. Be true to yourself and remember that you deserve a person like that in your life. If you both love each other, it will work.

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