What It Means To Be Lucky

What It Means To Be Lucky

Luck is hard work paying off.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a reading that talked about “luck” and what it means to be “lucky.”

I’ve never been exactly sure about where I stand on the topic of luck, fate and free will but what I do know is that as certain events occur throughout my life, my ideas and thoughts on this topic shift.

I’m influenced by what I experience and from what I’ve experienced, I’ve always felt somewhat off when I’ve worked hard to succeed at something and someone makes the comment “oh, you’re so lucky.”

Think about it this way: someone trains at their sport for years and after three failed attempts to pass the Olympic trials, they succeed. Immediately following the good news, an observer approaches the athlete and says:

“Congrats! You’re so lucky, good for you!”

Lucky? Do years of training and failure sound like good luck?

This is how I imagine one might react in this situation.

Here’s another situation: a young girl reads and researches cooking all throughout her childhood. Every chance she gets, she’s watching the Food Network and scribbling down recipes as quickly as her little hands will allow her. One day, after countless bouts with burnt pans and overcooked dishes, she cooks what she feels is the perfect salmon dish. After entering her dish in a local contest, she wins. An older and more seasoned chef—no pun intendedwalks over to the girl (after recently losing to her in the contest) and pats her on the back telling her that “she can thank beginner’s luck for her big win today.”

With both of these situations, hard work is what allowed the lucky break to take place.

I think that I’ve had a skewed understanding of what luck is up until this realization.

I think I thought that luck is some blissful, good fortune that we have no control over.

Sure, things happen and someone who has never played soccer can automatically make an insane shot their first try when they’re just out on the field messing around with some friends.

These instances happen and in these cases, I do believe that sometimes, amazing moments occur by chance when no hard work, research or time was spent leading up to the moment.

However, on the whole, my point is that in certain situations, you set yourself up to be lucky. All the preparing that leads to the lucky break is how one becomes lucky. Hard work = luck.

The multiple failures and years of practice that the athlete spent preparing for the trials lead them to their good luck.

The years of researching, learning and passion that lead the young chef to win the contest led her to her good luck.

Twyla Tharp, American dancer and choreographer, says “you don’t get lucky without preparation, and there’s no sense in being prepared if you’re not open to the possibility of a glorious accident.”

Essentially, luck is a skill and just like any skill, you have to hone it and practice it in order to not lose the mobility and use of that skill. By using this skill, we can set ourselves up to be lucky. It’s as if the hard work and preparation is 90% of becoming lucky and the last 10% is just showing up to be present for the glorious moment.

In another quote, Twyla says that “generosity is luck going in the opposite direction, away from you. If you’re generous to someone, if you do something to help him out, you are in effect making him lucky. That is important. It’s like inviting yourself into a community of good fortune.”

These two quotes brought me to my current understanding of luck and how I perceive its role in my life and the life of those around me. Whether we’re setting ourselves up to be lucky, or we are showing generosity towards another (setting them up to be lucky), we are making our world and their world a better place.

As it turns out, I believe in luck.

I believe that luck is a product of hard work and persistence and in order to be lucky, we have to embrace the chance that luck is entirely possible and probable if we just put in that 90% and show up for the lucky moment to take place.

The harder you work, the luckier you become.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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If You Were A 90s Kid, You Were More Than Likely To Have These 20 Items In Your Bedroom

You weren't the only thing to glow up... your room did, too.

Take a flashback. Remember that first room that you got to design? Yeah, probably the one you put together before you were 10, yet you felt as though you were a designer up in that ish. Then you were stuck with it for far too long because your parents didn’t want to help repaint the walls. But seriously, we had some pretty rad trends that made our rooms so comforting to us. Plain and simple was not a thing, I will tell you that right off the bat. So, as you read through these things that you most likely had in your room, just remember that you weren’t the only thing that glowed up… Your room did too.

1. Posters from J-14, Tiger, and all of those popstar magazines.

From the ceiling to the baseboard, you know you had your favorite teen pop sensation. Don’t lie. I had The Biebs. What about you?

2. A phone… that had a cord.

Let’s be real, you knew your parents saw that you were finally mature when you got a phone in your room. What an accomplishment this was.

3. A canopy draped from your ceiling.

Yep, it sure did make you feel like a princess. But let’s not forget that we were also protected from those mosquitos if they were to come get us.

4. Butterfly chairs.

Reclining and getting your homework done in this chair was the best. You felt like you belonged in a magazine.

5. Beads on your door.

Whether they were on your closet door or the main door to your room, you ran through those beads like they were your curtains for the opening show.

6. Bunk beds.

Not sure why we all wanted these because once we got to college everyone gave them a hard pass.

7. Light switch covers.

Whether you painted them yourself or you had the ones that matched the theme of your room, you definitely could NOT have just the plain white covers.

8. Night lights.

Once again, these either matched your room’s theme, or you just had a random light plugged into the outlet. Because you were a big kid and weren’t afraid of the dark.

9. Lava lamps.

You sat and watched this for hours. Honestly, it was the best way to procrastinate on your homework that insisted on you writing a word in cursive 5 times.

10. Glow in the dark stars.

You had these on your ceiling right above your bed, and if you didn’t have a night light you definitely had these.

11. An alarm clock.

HAHA. Why does WalMart even have a section of these anymore? We’ve upgraded to our phone alarms, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the ability to have that snooze button.

12. A boombox.

CDs? Something kids nowadays will not know about unless they go to an antique store. But don’t worry, us ‘90s kids had a boom box and sitting right next to it was our CD case full of options.

13. Squishy pillows.

So you may have had a collection or you may have only had one, but these pillows literally made you feel better. Having these pillows to hold when you got sick was the best thing in the world and ultimately a healer for the time being.

14. Brightly colored walls.

Mine were yellow, what about you?

15. Blow up furniture.

Couches, chairs, bean bags, pretty much anything you could sit in were SO COOL to have. When you had friends over, you had to be sure you had them ready for the party.

16. Bean bags.

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17. Earring holders.

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18. A trophy shelf.

You had to show off your swag and talent with your shelf full of your accomplishments. We didn’t have any pity trophies so they were at least legit.

19. Wooden letters.

Only the best way to have your name on your wall. We’ve upgraded to monograms now.

20. Beanie Baby display.

Over time this display evolved to Webkinz, but Beanie Babies were our first love, let’s be real.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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10 Song Lyrics To Give You All The Feels

Cue Ed Sheeran.

We all know how music can be so influential on our lives. Feeling sad, you play a song that you know will make you cry. Feeling angry, Green Day it is. Feeling lovey, pop on some Ed Sheeran.

During a wedding so many songs play that hit so many different emotions. From the processional to the cake cutting, music influences the feels so much.

So, what about the lyrics? What about the words of a certain song that everyone knows? The words that could bring out memories, emotions, tears, laughs...the words that truly can give you all the feels on your big day.

Here are the lyrics that can bring you back to a time, that can make you cry, and make your heart beat a little faster.

1. "Take my hand. Take my whole life too, for I can't help falling in love with you." -'(I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You' by Ingrid Michaelson

2. "I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart." -'Ho Hey' by The Lumineers

3. "Come away with me and we'll kiss, on a mountaintop. Come away with me, and I'll never stop loving you." -'Come Away With Me' by Norah Jones

4. "I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling, don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more." -'A Thousand Years' by Christina Perri

5. "How long will I love you. As long as stars are above you, and longer if I can." -'How Long Will I Love You' by Ellie Goulding

6. "Loves never come my way, I've never been this far. 'Cause you took these two left feet, and waltzed away with my heart." -'I Don't Dance' by Lee Brice

7. "You're the one thing I can't get enough of. So I'll tell you something, this could be love." -'(I've Had) The Time of My Life' by Jennifer Warnes & Bill Medley

8. "You're as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey. You're as sweet as strawberry wine. You're as warm as a glass of brandy. And, honey I stay stoned on your love all the time." -'Tennessee Whiskey' by Chris Stapleton

9. "I never knew that I could love someone the way that I love you." -'White Dress' by Ben Rector

And, last but not least...

10. "I found a love for me. Darling just dive right in and follow my lead....'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was. I will not give you up this time." -'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran

Cover Image Credit: Burst

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