If you’re the oldest sibling and remind your younger brother or sister who’s boss, then you rock. If you’re not the oldest sibling, you still rock. There’s a sense of power and dignity that comes with the territory of being the oldest sibling.

Some aspects of being the oldest sibling are a blessing, some of them are curses, and some of them are blessings in disguise. It’s not like we can take the torch of responsibility and hand it off to the next older sibling because life’s just not that kind. However, here are some reasons why being the oldest sibling rocks.

1. You’re much wiser than your younger sibs because you get to do everything before them *haha*

2. You get to be the superhero in their eyes until they grow out of that younger stage

3. As the oldest, you aren’t expected to follow anyone’s footsteps but your own

4. But you’re secretly in love they have to follow your footsteps

5. You’re the one “in charge” while your parents are out of the house

6. As the oldest, you get first dibs on almost everything like the biggest bedroom and last slice of cake

7. You always have someone younger to blame stuff on when you get in trouble

8. But you’re always there to love, comfort, and advise them when things go wrong