What Is Home?

What Is Home?

Where do I consider 'home?'


Well, I'm back home after an unforgettable year in Miami. Miami is different than this suburb where I live, just outside of Nashville, TN. I lived here for most of my life before school and left because I wanted something different, I needed to mix things up. I'm so happy I did. Life was different in the big city than the small suburb. But until I return to Miami at the at of the summer, I have some time to reflect on the meaning of 'home.'

Here, in this quiet suburb

On Sunday’s, it gets quieter

Most people like the simplicity

Excitement muted, localness expected

Here, in this global microcosm

On a campus with people from everywhere

Metropolitan area that may seem foreign to others

Exciting, as all cities are

House in the heartland was everything

Occupied by me for years

Moving away was unthinkable, but the

Exit was an adventure

Heading back after a year away

Obvious that this place has changed

My eyes also see the same place

Exactly what home is

It's really interesting to return and see what I missed while I was gone. New subdivisions popped out of nowhere, new people have moved in, and what seemed so familiar to me for years now seems a bit different. Yes I get bored outside the campus or the city, but this place is home to me because I spent so many years here, and I can't change that.

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