What is Galavant?

Awhile back we talked about one my favorite TV shows (The Great British Bake Off) that not a lot of people had heard of and I was glad to see that I got a few actually interested in the show. So with that in mind I decided to talk about another favorite of mine that also deserves more love and that is ABC's Galavant.

This little tv show is an adorable medieval comedy musical (think Princess Bride/Ella Enchanted/Monty Python's Holy Grail) with just a hint of Disney magic sprinkled in there. Honestly there's no way, to me at least, that you could watch it without feeling a smile grow on your face. Here's why:

The music is super catchy! Here is the first song that will also give you a jist of the show's plot. I'm apologizing now for when it gets stuck in your head later.

It had some pretty big named Disney Alum work on it.

If you're wondering why that song kind of sounds like you've heard it somewhere before I can explain why. Most of the songs were written and composed by the famous Alan Menken and Glenn Slater who worked on you know tiny little unknown productions like; Disney's Beauty and the Beast

and Disney's The Little Mermaid

Also quite a few episodes were in fact written by Scott Weigner aka the voice of Aladdin himself/ Steve from Full House.

And it's charmingly funny and not afraid to poke fun at itself.

On a sad note there's only two season's but you could pretty much watch it all in one day!

See even the hunky Jamie Fraser say's it's ok to finish a show in one day.

So I hope that peaked your interest about it. You can watch all two seasons now on Netflix and to keep you're hopes on where we might find more Galavant in the future I hear talk that there is a possible rumor of a Broadway show being created. Link is here for that information.

With that I will now end this article with my favorite on going joke from season two which trust me you will also enjoy once you finally see that show.

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