What if Hillary Clinton had won the election? Now over 500 days into the Trump presidency it feels as good a time as ever to imagine what Secretary Clinton would have done if she were the one staying in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I think the first most notable change would have been that we would have seen the executive branch continue in the same way Obama had been running it. We would not have seen DACA disappear, nor would we have seen a shift from focusing on undocumented peoples in the US who commit a crime to the Trump Administration going after anyone, and recently has taken the step to separate the families of people crossing into the US.

Now with that, it is important to remember that many progressive, and especially Latino communities had been criticizing the Obama Administration, even dubbing him the "Deporter in Chief," although this critique was much less severe than the one the Trump Administration currently has. The Clinton Administration most likely would have continued in the same way Obama had been, alienating Latino people, and progressives, while also being scrutinized by the right.

Another major area of change is the Environmental Protection Agency, and environmental policy in general. Once again we would have most likely seen Clinton continue with Obama's policies. Whereas the Trump Administration has been removing mentions of Climate Change from the governments' websites, a Clinton administration would have sought to continue a slow push towards renewable energy.

One of the most influential changes though will probably be seen in the courts. With Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell having blocked President Obama from being able to present Judge Garland to the Senate for confirmation, Trump was able to get his appointee, Gorsuch to replace Judge Scalia. Now with Judge Kennedy, resigning Trump could appoint a second judge. And if Ruth Bader-Ginsburg resigns (she is 85 years old, and there have been rumors, although she seems to be determined to outlast everyone in politics today) Trump could potentially put in place his third Supreme Court Judge, giving the Court a 6-3 slant in favor of a Right-leaning view.

Clinton, on the other hand, would have most likely supported appointing Garland and would have been able to put in place a second left-leaning judge. But with the Trump Presidency, the most enduring legacy will problem be left on the courts, where if he is able to place 2 (or more) Supreme Court Judges, America will have to live for years, possibly over a decade of a Right-leaning Supreme Court, putting at risk Roe vs Wade, some are even worried that the court might repeal the decision which allows LGTBQ+ people to marry.

America needs to decide if it is happier with the road it's chosen then it is with the path it could have had. Personally, I am still largely stunned that Trump won, but perhaps the Midterms will provide some solace this November.