What We All Have To Learn About Christmas From The Little Boy Who Got An Avocado

What We All Have To Learn About Christmas From The Little Boy Who Got An Avocado

He said "fanks" with a smile

Brown Eyed Baker

We all remember this video that went viral a while back, right?

I mean how could you not, the sparkle in the little boy’s eyes as he holds up the avocado is more than enough to smile about for a while. It was from a YouTube Challenge that late night TV show host Jimmy Kimmel called for. He asked for parents just to give their kids terrible presents and film their reactions. If you haven’t seen the full video and need a laugh amidst finals stress, watch it here.

Some of the kids are pissed, I mean really just are not appreciating the joke whatsoever. Almost all of the kids filmed gave their parents attitudes, grunts, and pouts. Except, for the little cutie who got an avocado.

Christmas so often gets clouded by material wants, wishes and hopes. My little sister is the sweetest kid in the world, but one year she wanted a certain Go Pro and when “Santa” put the wrong one under the tree, the whole vibe of the morning changed.

Basically, we should all take an important lesson from the little boy who was happy enough to get a fruit wrapped nicely under the tree. It truly is the thought that counts behind gifts, and even though the little boy in the famous vine probably didn't understand the thought behind his parent's odd gift, he accepted it happily and with gratitude. At such a young age, it seems he realizes that Christmas is about more than what you're unwrapping.

Maybe I am being too sappy – we all do love a nice expensive gift or two under the tree that we have had our eye on the whole year. The case I am trying to make is that even though we have those wants, if we end up getting a "terrible," present we should still be happy to have family, good food, and friends around us this Christmas.

Anyway, if we take anything from this article, it is that we are all this kid when we find a perfect avocado.

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