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Happiness Is...

Sometimes, I find myself smiling stupidly at the little things in life.

Happiness Is...
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We all have an idea about what being "happy" is. When I think of what happiness is I think of having a nice family, the picket-fence home in the suburbs and having a successful job doing what I love. But happiness doesn't only manifest itself as the American Dream. Lately, I've noticed so many little things that make me happy. Happiness comes in many shapes and forms. It's infectious. Here's a list of some possibly unexpected things that make me happy. Maybe these things make you feel happy too.

1. Waking up to birds chirping.

2. Watching a sunset dip behind the NYC skyline.

3. Leaving my house with my phone on 100 percent.

4. Getting an ice cream cone perfectly swirled with just the right amount of rainbow sprinkles.

5. Driving in the car with friends with the windows rolled down and music blasting.

6. Taking a shower after a long day at the beach.

7. Getting the perfect lemonade.

8. Finishing a book.

9. Seeing my friends smile.

10. Listening to my friends talk about something they're passionate about.

11. Getting unexpected compliments about something I'm insecure about.

12. Working hard and getting acknowledged for it.

13. Sitting in the sauna after a hard workout.

14. Climbing into my bed after not being home for a while.

15. The perfect blend of lemonade and iced tea.

16. Eating fresh fruit.

17. The perfectly toasted marshmallow for a s'more.

18. The perfectly crusted crème brûlée.

19. A rich hot chocolate on a cold winter day.

20. Feeling the sun on my face.

21. Trying new foods and actually liking them.

22. Watching the people I love pursue their passions.

23. Leaving the nail salon without chipping my manicure.

24. Looking at art.

25. Looking at the stars at night.

26. Hearing throwback songs on the radio.

27. Getting a hug when I need one most.

28. Feeling comfortable around people I've just met.

29. Traveling to new places.

30. Seeing sunflowers.

31. Freshly made granola.

32. Running into an old friend.

33. Writing pieces that people enjoy.

34. Soft-serve pistachio ice cream.

35. Watching the light breeze move curtains.

36. Watching records spin.

37. Taking off makeup after going out.

38. Acing a test I was nervous I did bad on.

39. Fresh salads.

40. Finding jeans that fit just right.

41. Going thrift shopping in the East Village.

42. Finding the perfect playlist.

43. Hearing my boyfriend laugh.

44. Going for walks at sunset or sunrise.

45. Listening to crickets chirp in the summer.

46. The feeling of a plane taking off.

47. Petting a dog (and not having an allergic reaction).

49. Slow-churned creamy ice cream.

50. Thinking about the many possibilities that my future holds.

51. Feeling the warmth of the fireplace or bonfire on my face.

52. Listening to a fire crackle.

53. Seeing a rainbow.

54. Going to waterfalls.

55. Feeling grateful.

Happiness is out there. So, go out and find it. Or rather, let it find you.

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