What Really Happens When You're "The Funny One"

Growing up, one of two things will happen with your childhood friends. Either A: your friends have been accustomed to your sense of humor and it will not phase them anymore or B: your friends are just as humorous as you, so you are not pin pointed as the “funny one.” Now when you go away to college it’s a game changer. A couple things will happen when your new friends start to see your true comedic talents shine through:

People will laugh even when you are not trying to be funny.

Chances are people will just automatically assume everything you say will make them laugh, even if that means the simplest phrases will give them a chuckle. I specifically remember after a very long day, all I said was “Ugh I need to sit down.” My friends broke out into laughter…. uhm OH? I just sat there extremely confused as to why in any way was that comedic to them?

It’s hard to be taken seriously.

If you are generally known as the one to crack a joke or two to lighten the mood after a serious moment, you understand where I come from when I say how awkward it can be when you are trying to be the serious one. I think this confuses people. “Wait what did she just say?” “Should we laugh?” “Oh wait no, no she’s being serious….” There’s always that moment of awkwardness and silence. So then chances are you relied on your humor and cracked a joke or made a sarcastic remark... “Ok ok there she is; we can laugh now.”

It’s not secret when you have a bad day.

If you’re like me, you’re not shy whatsoever. So when you get to those days where you just want to walk in front of traffic (DISCLAIMER: when I say walk into traffic, I only mean maybe a slight bump, a broken bone or two, you know, enough to get you out of all your responsibilities while also receiving some cha-ching from the school without any serious permanent damage), people will definitely know today is NOT your day. Since you have a very strong personality, when you are not being yourself it is not easy to hide. You will hear a hundred times that day “Are you ok?” “You’re not acting like yourself” so when you have a bad day: Everyone. Will. Know.

You use your humor to get out of every situation.

Chances are you will rely on your comedic abilities to make any situation seem not so awful. Like I said before stuck in an awkward situation, that’s fine crack a joke. You neglected your responsibilities? You got in trouble? Failed a test? Failed a class? Failed out of school? Failed out of life? That’s fine just crack a joke and we can all laugh and pretend like it’s not actually happening and neglect our responsibilities just a little more why don’t we?

You receive the best compliments.

I have always said if someone ever told me that I was the funniest person they have ever met; it would make my life. I’m the type of person who rather hear a compliment on their personality rather than their looks. Sure it’s easy to tell someone they look pretty or handsome, but people don’t generally go out of their way to compliment your personality because I mean not just anyone can be “the funniest person I have ever met.” I have more of a confidence booster when being glorified for my personality rather than my looks, because let’s just face it we're all going to get old and wrinkly anyway so wouldn’t you rather have someone that can always make you laugh? I sure do.

The power of bringing joy to others.

This by far is the best part for me and I hope for you too. I have always believed that laughter is the best part about life, it is my favorite extracurricular activity. It can instantly change someone’s mood and completely change their entire day. Making someone who is having a terrible day, have an amazing day is one of the best feelings. I think having the power to bring this type of joy to someone’s life is better than any gift you can give.

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