What Happened This Past Summer?
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What Happened This Past Summer?

A Letter to the Mojade of 2 months and 9 days in the future

What Happened This Past Summer?
James Sutton

Dear future Mojade,

We need to start out with you're welcome. That is because you don't have to write anything this week, struggle to unpack, and prep for your last year of undergrad. So, what's the point of this letter? Well, it's to force you to look back at all that you have done this past summer and see the changes that happened from June 5th to August 14.

Well, something I have realized is that during this season of life a ton of life changes happen. You go from boy crazy freshman to a wiser woman who has a better focus (thank God). You go from confused about all things college to Vice-President of the student body (I still haven't wrapped my mind around that). You go from fearful of the world to an adventurous girl. And here you are on one of the biggest adventures to date.

Tomorrow we (you? I?) start our first day of truly interning at Harvest Bible Chapel as a Women's Ministry Intern. Do you remember day number 1? The nerves, the excitement, and all of the tasks. Was day 30 as fun as day 10? Do you feel more prepared for life at this point or are you just as confused? How many times did you go to Chicago and explore your favorite city? How many times did you go to the gym or did you just push it until tomorrow? Also, please tell me that you learned to actually save money versus treating yo self all day every day.

You see I am looking forward to this adventure and you are looking back at all of this. There is so much that has happened and I am hoping that you hold onto the memories and took advantage of everything. It will be so easy to jump from one huge event to the next. However, you are at the beginning of the end of all that you have ever known. It is important that this summer was a time of learning, but also a time to realize that so much is changing quickly and that as senior year comes you HAVE to learn to hold on. Life is about to get really crazy, but it is also going to be so so good.

You are going to kill it like you always do. However, before you slay senior year take some time to report back (reflect), print out those pictures, and connect with all of the amazing people who impacted your summer. I know summer was a great time and I am excited to live through it.

Go out and slay senior year darling!

Love Mojade

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