What Happened To The People From Your Favorite Memes?

Memes have become one of the biggest pieces of pop culture in our time. The Internet has been popping out these trollerific images for several years now. The beauty of the meme is found in the story it tells. Many of these stories are based on the appearance of some real life people with a common theme. From Bad Luck Brian to Scumbag Steve, we see these characters become larger than life. But the question remains: where are they now?

1. Bad Luck Brian

Looks like Brian is having some better days now … or is he?

2. Ermahgerd

She still gives me goosebumps

3. Scumbag Steve

I'm sure he's a nice guy nowadays. Probably has a wife and some kids and is on the PTA or something.

4. Overly Attached Girlfriend

Don't worry. She got over him.

5. Good Guy Greg

Still a good guy. Also has switched to vaping.

6. Success Kid

Still the king of little victories.

7. Conspiracy Keanu

“People want me for a movie? Who are these people?"

8. College Freshman

I'm pretty sure he's still in college.

9. College Liberal

She was a he all this time. Who could have seen past those gorgeous dreadlocks?

10. Hipster Barista

He burnt his tongue because he drank his coffee before it was cool.

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