What Happened To Love?
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What Happened To Love?

Side pieces, "friends", and others. What happened to relationships just being between two people?

What Happened To Love?
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Love is a powerful emotion.

Love is what drives us to do things we normally would not do. It's what pushes us to go that extra mile and help us satisfy the desires of our heart. Love has a powerful impact on our hearts and minds and should not be taken lightly. Love is supposed to be a sacred connection but looks as if our generation has lost sight of what love is.

We now look to social media to see what love is supposed to be, and all we see are illusions of what people think love is supposed to be. Because of this, we set these lofty "relationship goals" for ourselves and expect nothing less from our relationships. Then, if our relationships don't meet these lofty relationship goals, we'll be ready to give up on the relationship.

Moreover, we don't respect the value of relationships. A relationship is supposed to be between two people. Nowadays relationships would be between two people plus a side piece, an ex, a "friend" and someone else (or what I like to call a "wild card"). People would brag about having multiple girlfriends or boyfriends while they are already in a relationship. Some would talk about taking other people's partners. Sometimes we would even come across videos of side pieces having sex with someone's girlfriend while the girl is on the phone talking to her boyfriend.

I don't understand why many people in our generation glorify stuff like this. Why have we allowed cheating to become more acceptable instead of communicating when things are going wrong in the relationship?

Since our minds continue to be flooded by these expectations for relationships, we expect these expectations to become a reality but when it doesn't, we will be disappointed and want to give up. Since we continue to see that having multiple partners while in a relationship seems acceptable, more people go and cheat on their partners. Not to mention that you will have more people that are afraid to get in a relationship because they fear they might get cheated on.

Our generation seems to have forgotten the value and power of love. We toss around the word love like it's nothing. Some would claim to be in love, but the first sign of trouble in the relationship and they either quit on it or cheat. Although there are many who have been lucky to find that one person they can truly love and still be with in the future, many of us see love as a game. We must learn to revalue love and make relationships sacred again.

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