12 Things Girls Actually Want For Valentine's Day

12 Things Every Girl Actually Wants For Valentine's Day

All of the little things she will go crazy for.


Okay fellas, you officially have one month to prepare.

So here's a comprehensive list of every little thing girls actually want for Valentine's Day.

1. Flowers

Okay, this is number one for an obvious reason. The simplest way to brighten her day (and her living room) Guys, know your girl's favorite flower, they are always sure to melt her heart.

2. Chocolate / Candy

Aaaaand what do girl's love more than chocolate? The answer is simple - not much. But the simplicity of giving her her favorite sweets is a good way to show her that you are always thinking about her and that you know all of her favorite things.

3. Jewelry

Okay... you can NEVER go wrong with this one. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings. Girls love jewelry because it serves as a constant visual reminder of you every time she puts it on or looks at it.

4. A handwritten letter

Valentine's Day is supposedly the most romantic day of the year, and what is more romantic than giving your girl a handwritten letter that reminds her of how you feel?! Girls are suckers for somewhat antiquated dating traditions, and this one will be sure to make your girl smile.

5. A dinner made or chosen just for her

Is your girl a 5-star-rooftop-view-date kinda girl or is she more of a casual pizza and soda? Either way, girls love food, and planning out a romantic meal for you too, based on what she likes the most, is always a good way to her heart.

6. A movie marathon night

As her guy, you should know her favorite movies. Rent or buy those movies (if they aren't on Netflix) and plan an exclusive, romantic movie marathon date with lots of popcorn, strawberries, and maybe even some bubbly.

7. A spa day

Okay, listen up. Your girl is always taking care of you and putting you first, so return the favor in helping her take care of herself. Buy her a massage or take her to get her nails done. It is sure to make her feel beautiful and absolutely adore you for thinking of something so sweet!

8. A playlist

Nothing is more romantic than hearing your S.O. show you songs that remind him of you. Fellas, make her a playlist of the corniest, most lovey-dovey songs that you know your girl will love! (And don't forget to make "your song" the first one on the playlist)

9. A picture or collage of you two

Everyday reminders of you are always a good idea. Put the cutest picture of you two in a frame and I'm sure that it'll stay next to her bed at all times.

10. A jar full of notes, quotes, and date ideas

Okay now THIS is a winner.

11. A basket full of her favorite things

Candy, gift cards, bath bombs... Literally ANYTHING can go in a gift basket designed specifically for your girl. Make a list of a few of her favorite things and find ways to incorporate them into the basket that she's bound to enjoy!

12. Literally anything personalized

Girls love validation. Anything that you do or make that reminds her of you is sure to make her happy. Jewelry with your initials, a picture with cute quote about how you feel, or even a map of the place where you first met or started dating. The possibilities are endless!

Getting your girl a few of these small things are sure to make her heart melt this Valentine's Day.

But ultimately, she's your girl and you should know her best. Get her anything that you know she will like! Doesn't have to be big, just meaningful and validating of your love for her!

Best of luck!

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63 Unique Ways To Say 'I Love You' Other Than Literally Saying 'I Love You'

Cause saying the 'L' word is hard.

Ah, love... what is it? It can be many things. A romantic thing, sure. But I have had someone say that they platonically love me... meaning the exact opposite. Many people have a love for things besides other people. For instance, pizza or sleeping. All great things.

With Valentine's Day being the next BIG holiday coming up, here are 63 other ways to say "I love you" other than literally saying "I love you."

1. "Text me when you get home."

2. "You look hungry, do you want some of my food?"

3. "Don't forget to take your medicine."

4. "I don't know what I'd do without you."

5. "You are beautiful."

6. "How can I help?"

7. "I was just thinking about you."

8. "You amaze me."

9. "I'm so proud of you."

10. "I saved you the last slice of pie."

11. "I would save you the last piece of chocolate cake for you, even if it was the last thing to eat on Earth."

12. "You make life worth living."

13. "I don't know why, but I'm still thinking of you."

14. *you use the force of your tortilla chip to get more guac on my tortilla chip*

15. "This song makes me think of you!"

16. "Wanna rant to me?"

17. "I adore you."

18. "When I'm with you I feel safe."

19. "You make me happy."

20. "Forget butterflies. When I'm with you, I feel the whole zoo in my stomach."

21. "You know damn well I would go nuts without you in my life."

22. "I don't know what I did to deserve you."

23. "You're my best friend."

24. "I remember the first time I laid eyes on you and my life turned upside down."

25. "As long as I have you in my life, I'll be okay."

26. "I plan on annoying you for the rest of our lives."

27. "The fact that you have put up with me for this long is truly amazing."

28. "I like how weird you are... because it makes me feel less weird."

29. "I have so much to tell you!"

30. "I trust you."

31. "You're difficult and annoying AF, but I wouldn't have it any other way."

32. "I really want to kiss you right now."

33. "If someone kidnapped you, I would train for as long as possible to become a black belt in karate so I can save you. It may take a while, but I would do it."

34. "It would be impossible to pinpoint just one thing I like about you."

35. "You're my person."

36."You are so special to me."

37. "I know it's impossible to measure happiness. But on a scale of 1, being not happy, and 10 being super happy, I'd be at 1,000,000,000."

38. "You're the peanut butter to my jelly."

39. "You're like a brother to me."

40. "You're like a sister to me"

41. "Sometimes I catch myself smiling when I think about all the good times we have had together."

42. "When I'm with you, my heart feels funny. But a good kind of funny."

43. "Did you get enough sleep last night?"

44. "If someone told me a secret, and asked me not to tell anyone... I would tell you."

45. "I don't think about how I look in my Snapchats anymore, I know you don't judge me."

46. "You're kind of an a**... but you're my a**."

47. "Want a hug?"

48. "Come talk to me!"

49. "We should adopt identical puppies and be neighbors when we're older so we never are too far apart."

50. "You're the one I text when I need to smile.

51. "I dislike a lot of people. But I dislike you the least."

52. "I would only be a little embarrassed to be seen with you in public if you were wearing plaid on plaid."

53. "I would shave my legs for you."

54. "Every time I kiss you I can't help but smile."

55. "I've been told I am a great listener, tell me everything."

56. "I will always be here for you."

57. "Have you noticed that some of your attitude and behaviors have rubbed off on me?"

58. "You are so funny."

59. "Right here, right now: you are my number one priority."

60. "Are you ever gonna introduce me to your family???

61. "Want the last chicken nugget?"

62. "Let's grow old together."

63. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words

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Whether Your Perpetually Single Or Married AF, Here Are 5 Easy Things To Do This Valentine's Day

Make the perfect day even more special.


The day that is full of love, smiles, and red faces. Valentine's Day! This is such a beautiful day because there are many people showcasing their love for one another, or people embracing to tell their biggest secret to someone (their crush). This day is one of my favorite holidays and I love how people make others feel especially special on this day. There are many things to do on Valentine's Day, but if you're single or in a relationship, I have the perfect things to do.

1. The Stars.


This may seem corny, but taking the time to sit outside at 7 p.m. to look at the stars is lovely. Having that time to communicate with your significant other is relaxing and peaceful. This is a great way to enjoy each other's company and to cherish a moment of relaxation.

2. Yum, Num, Yum.


Of course, I was going to tell you to go out to eat. Taking that time to eat dinner with your significant other is important. You can have that moment in time to just express why you love that person and you can do it over a great dinner. If you're not feeling anything fancy, choose a different type of scenery. Instead of prime ribs and asparagus, go get some good 'ole fashioned wings, ribs or a juicy burger. Step outside of the box.

3. Game Night.


Having a game night with your significant other is not traditional at all, that's why you should do it. Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Dance Dance Revolution. These are all great games to play with your significant other. Having that time to laugh and relieve stress with one another can really help you mentally. It may seem childish, but it is something different and is not a part of the status quo.

4. If you're single,  mingle.


For all my single souls, it's okay not being in a relationship on Valentine's Day. There're still things for you to do. You can go out with your other single friends an enjoy their company. You can even try speed dating. Movie night by yourself isn't too bad neither, I've done it before and it is quite peaceful. Treating your mom, dad or siblings is not ideal, but it will make their day. Valentine's Day can be spent with anyone, not just someone you have "feelings" for.



There will probably be love movie marathons playing on TV the entire week of Valentine's Day. Enjoy a "chick flick" with your girls or guys. I know it may seem lame, but movie night is the best type of night to spend with family & friends. One of my favorite movies is Valentine's Day. It's such an awesome movie that focuses on a range of people and their Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is the time to show everyone you care for that you love them. Whether you show them in small gestures or big gestures. You can give people thank you cards or send them a basket of edible arrangement. This is the day of love. Let this be the day that you embrace love, in every aspect that you can embrace it in.


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