When man tamed fire, he captured the energy of the Earth, giving birth to civilization. Over centuries of developing the use of fire, man also created the greatest snack of all time: the s'more. However, no human is the same; therefore, the world is full of different marshmallow toasters. How does your roasting style reflect your personality?

1. The Golden Child

You’re a type A roaster. When you do things, you like to do them right. You have the discipline it takes to cook your marshmallow to perfection while its gooeyness entices you as it warms to perfection. If you mess up, you start over and toss the marshmallow back into the fire or feed it to your friend who is less of a perfectionist than you. You have respect for tradition and enjoy classic experiences with simplicity.

2. The Fire Breather

You are the person at the fire who wastes no time and sticks that marshmallow right into the fire. You have no problem putting a blazing fireball near your face to blow it out. In fact, you probably really enjoy just lighting things on fire and might even pretend you’re a dragon while you distinguish the flames encompassing your snack to be. You might be hard around the edges, just like your s'more. However, everyone knows that you are really soft and gooey on the inside despite your thick skin.

3. The Nutcase

Instead of putting the classic square of Hershey’s chocolate on your campfire creation, your ideal s'more is smeared with Nutella. Let’s be honest, you probably put Nutella on everything else too. Your friends might poke fun at you for always pulling out your jar of hazelnut heaven, yet you’re not bothered because you know it’s good and they’re the ones who are missing out. You’re a person who knows who they are what they want. You stick to your guns and you are happy in your own skin,

4. The Invert

You make your s'more inside out. You warm up the roasting stick and steam the marshmallow on the inside while toasting the outside. Sound complicated? It is. Inverted roasters are highly skilled and experienced. If you toast your marshmallow in this uncommon fashion you are most likely very persistent like a type A roaster; but, you are original and often blow people’s minds with your talent. You’re not one to brag but, you have a subtle confidence that is evident.

5. The Buttercup

This class is occupied by those who put Reese's cups on your s’mores. You are one with the times and keep up with the latest trends. You are outgoing and are the friendliest by the fire. Your marshmallow sandwich is stacked and you love it. You enjoy the various flavors and don’t really care how messy your face might get when you stuff your s'more into your mouth without hesitance.

6. The Radiator

Why toast a s’more over the fire when you can just make one in the microwave? It’s not the same thing but, you'd rather just stay inside and not smell like smoke all night long. You adopt the philosophy of work smarter, not harder. You enjoy comfort and are most satisfied when you feel clean and tidy. However, deep inside a part of you quietly laughs as you watch the marshmallow get nuked in the microwave. You might be an evil genius…