Photography means so many things to so many different people. Google defines photography as "the art or practice of taking and processing photographs." However, it is so much more than that. One thing they did get right is that it is an art. Real life artists devote their lives to capturing moments on film that you never would have imagined doing yourself. Yet, average people spend their lives capturing the moments they live on film. For some, photography is a way to express yourself in ways you otherwise could not. The majority of people have the ability to use their words to express their thoughts and emotions at any point in time. Others use music, sports, other forms of art, whatever you may think of. Here is a list compiled of what photography means to a diverse group of people:

"Photography is the equivalent to music for the eyes." - Rachel

"Photography has actually been something that's made me nervous. I always get weird about taking pictures solo or in groups because I'm not sure what I should do with each part of my body! I'll get upset about where my arm is placed in a photo or where my foot was. However, I've embraced a lot of my awkwardness in photos and just kinda let it go. I have to take head shots a good amount for my major and career and I figured 'Whatever, if it looks good, then little things don't matter.' Photography has become something that I've learned to embrace with all of my flaws!" - Zoe

"To me, photography tells a story. It has the ability to paint a picture in stone that includes everything from the rising action, to the thrilling conclusion. Just a simple photo can open up a world that has years of history behind it. Every person, place, or thing photographed has a history worth telling. So tell your story with a photo." - Tyler

"I don't really take many pictures of things because I try to make myself be present instead of living through a screen. When I take pictures, it's usually to share something really special to me with people who are really special to me. Whether it be something as spectacular as performing Carnegie Hall, to something as simple as a moment of self love." - Tess

"Photography gives me the opportunity to snap a simple yet powerful moment in my life. Whether it's a sunset from your backyard or the waves crashing onto the sand at the beach. Photography, itself, is a simple yet powerful concept as a whole and I'm forever grateful that we all have the option of taking a snapshot from any part of our normal days as it's a visual memory for us to relive whenever we want to." - Rose

To me, photography means a lot. When I was younger, I thought I was going to grow up to be a professional photographer. I learned so much about cameras and even took a photography class and learned the details. Most people take a snapshot on their phone, but I love the aspect of film. You have one shot to get it right (or multiple if you are fine with not being able to delete the photo.) There is something special about not spending forever (even though I still do) taking multiple photos to get the perfect shot. You're living in a moment. The photo is more about capturing the memory, not about capturing the most beautiful view.

Next time you go to take a photo, appreciate the fact that you're able to, and don't focus on getting it perfect.