What Does It Mean To Be Iconic

"Name a better iconic duo, I’ll wait."

As photos fill your twitter timeline of the Kardashian sisters, but what does it truly mean to be iconic? Who decided penciled eyebrows and luscious lips made up an icon for millions to resemble after? How much meaning does the individual on the pedal stool really display and does our critique really outline and define a hero we should all glorifying?

So then what should our outline and criteria for iconic be? What constitutes as “man they really made it?” Majority of social media just focuses on a girls ability to apply make up an a guys ability to rap a lyric about how he never hit a girl back, and this is what we choose to focus on? You go to a coffee shop and any random girl is talking next to you what Kim and Kanye were fighting about last night but no one is aware that Will and Jada Smith founded the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation that benefits inner-city community development, youth educational projects, and under-privileged children and their families. Why isn’t that all over the media? Why don’t we talk about something that actually benefits the whole, which actually changes and creates something that gives?

Instead we idolize the characteristics that single individuals out, see anyone can give, anyone can contribute to society, but not everyone can pencil in an eyebrow on point. Gosh that sounds so silly, but I guess there isn’t a point to a pedestal if everyone can sit on it right? Wrong. We have the power to decide what is iconic; we get to name the duo. We get to focus on what we pay attention to and personally I think a celebrity couple starting a foundation that benefits their local community is much more worthy to discuss then why Kanye slept on the couch last night.

Lets start idolizing real heroes, the ones that hold compassion for their neighbor, the one that posses confidence and beauty in their actions not their designer dress. Lets idolize the person that truly inspires us, the ones that inspire our own creation, our own compassion. Lets start realizing that we have the power to put people in the spotlight, so who are we going to let inspire us. There are artists out there whose rap lyrics is real poetry. There are artists whose murals have strong stories and statements. There are social activists working tirelessly to change the poverty situation just in your neighborhood. Instead of sending those stories a retweet, we name a couple of sisters and their handbags “iconic.” Maybe it’s time we changed the definition.

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