I am simply not perfect. I sin everyday. That is not something I like to admit, obviously, but as humans, we all sin and it is a sin to say you don't sin because you do. As disheartening as that sounds, I actually found peace when I stopped trying to be a perfect Christian, because the fact is, I never will be. However, I can try to be the best version of myself and to me that means love all people.

I do not deserve God's love. He sent His son to this earth to die a brutal death so everyone could have a chance to live in eternity with Him. Whether you believe in God or not, that love is pretty reckless. Love in this day in age has so many conditions and unspoken rules, but what if everyone loved like Jesus loved us?

I will never understand why some Christians feel the need to judge others for their actions. I am no perfect than the guy or girl next to me, so why would my life be anymore valuable in God's eyes than his or hers? In this world, we view some sins are worse than others. But to God, he views them all equal. A murder, a cheater, and a liar are all equal in God's eyes. So what is the point in passing judgement? Also, it's not up to us whatsoever about what that means for those people later in life, so I say again, what's the point in passing judgement?

This realization that is very easy to grasp, but hard to practice is something I try to think about as I live my day to day life. Basically, I believe we are all called to love one another. Whether that's smiling at a person you pass on the sidewalk, holding a door open, texting a friend, spending quality time with someone who needs it, we are called to love. This has put a lot of my anxieties to rest, because I try my hardest to forgive easily, and love more. Forgiveness is not something that means you are being taken advantage of, but the opposite. Anger is no longer taking advantage of YOU. Living this way has freed my soul in every aspect of life.

Whether you believe in God or not, I think we all can agree that loving others would make this world a better place. As cheesy as it sounds, I think that it's the best thing I have thought of in a long time. I'm not saying I'm perfect at it, because I sin and make mistakes everyday. However, once I try again, I have lived a more positive lifestyle. This is a reminder to myself as well to love more intentionally. Seeing how this impacts my life and the relationships in it has made all the difference.