It’s not often during recruitment we see a girl who was raised on a farm and when we do, they generally say no when asked if interested in Greek life. Generally, girls raised on a farm don’t hurry to join a big group of girls that spend their time doing god knows what, especially with the stereotypes that surround Greek life. Most often, these girls are very down to earth, easy going, and love adventure (as long as we don’t go too far from home). With that being said, what do they bring to the table?

1. We do the dirty work.

More often times than not, we are the sisters you go to when you need help with your car, covered in some form of chalk or paint for PR, and usually the ones to go to the outdoor philanthropies. This doesn’t mean other girls don’t do these things, but it's one skill set the farm girls have.

2. Homemade breakfast at sleepovers always comes best from us.

We know how you like your eggs, we know just the right amount of cream and sugar you like, and we make just enough crispy and chewy bacon for everybody.

3. We’re the sisters that get things done a week before it needs to be done.

Again, not to go against other sisters, but we are the girls who do things we say were going to do. We weren’t raised to be clever or slackers. If we say we’re going to paint four bed sheets, we do. If we volunteer for every PR activity imaginable, we will be there.

4. We are usually friends with girls in every sorority and can fit in anywhere.

Maybe it’s because we’re easy going, or maybe it’s because they can’t believe your best friend is a farm animal, but usually we can chat and laugh with all the girls no matter the letters.

5. We always want to learn something new.

The hardest thing for a farm girl to do is have someone do something for them. We want to learn. We want to know how things operate, why they operate, and if it can be done better. Usually we will take on a variety of different responsibilities to learn new things and find what we are good at, whether that be enforcing rules or PRing with the BFF.

6. We are usually great with managing our time.

From planning family dinners to morning and night chores, farm girls know that they’re always busy and can fit most things into their schedule. We usually are a bit too efficient during meetings and some things, but that’s just because we’re on a schedule!

7. Above all else, we are loyal to a fault.

If we chose sorority life, it was a big choice. We don’t take commitment lightly. We are shown a strong family life from early on and that’s how we view our Greek family. You are the sisters we’ve chosen and we would do anything for you.