'An English Major? What Are You Going To Do With That? Teach?'

Every college student understands the struggle of being asked their major for one reason or another. Whether you do not know your major or what you're doing with that major. They ask again and again meaning you get stuck telling the same story again or you actually have a different answer each time. Personally, I always answer the same major, English.

Then, of course, follows another question: "Oh, well what are you going to do with that? Teach?"

I sigh because at this point I expected this to come. Most people assume there is one English major and that means you end up teaching middle schoolers or high schoolers. Realistically, there is a whole other English track that could lead to a number of jobs. English majors can be writers, editors, technical writing, copywriting, and more.

Writing is what drives me to get an English major. I believe that writing and sharing experiences are one of the biggest contributions to human connectivity. Nowadays most of our communication is snippets of interactions from various social media sites and we do not really connect with one another. All we see are brief images that aren't even true pictures of people's lives.

Everyone writes differently as well, each having a unique perspective on the world. The best way that we can try to understand someone else and step into their shoes is by viewing the world in the way that they see it through their writing. Through writing, we also work out our own thoughts and begin to better understand ourselves. Although one on one interaction is the most effective way to interact with others, writing is the way that we can communicate ourselves to a wider audience of people that we aren't as close to.

Writing can also send important messages on issues or themes of life. Through my fiction writing, I hope to someday accomplish to send new perspectives on things in a creative way rather than obviously throwing it under people's eyes where no attention will be paid to it. The way to effectively write can be to hide your message until the moment it will be most effective. Hopefully, I will one day be able to join the group of readers of whom I have read and effectively communicate and interact with the world around them through their language.

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