What Being Raised By A Strong Mother Teaches You
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What Being Raised By A Strong Mother Teaches You

"All that I am or hope to be I owe to my mother." -Abraham Lincoln

What Being Raised By A Strong Mother Teaches You

My mother is my rock. I've never met another women as strong, caring, and independent as my mom. When I'm anxious, my mom is there to soothe me. When I fear my future, she's there to calm me and remind me of how great I am. When I'm confused or lost, she's there to help lead me in the right direction. She was there to wipe the tears left behind from my first, second, and third heartbreak. My mother has pulled me from my darkest places and helped guide me to a place of light and strength. Not only did her words shape me into the strong-willed women I am today, but so did her actions. I'd be alright if I could be just half the women she is. Here's everything your taught from being raised by a strong mother.

You know the value of independence.

Your mother has taught you to be fiercely independent. You've learned that you dont need a man to have a fulfilling and happy life. You can build a home, raise children, and have an amazing career all on your own. You watched your mother be superwoman and know you're capable of taking the reigns.

Sensitive doesn't have to mean weak.

I might be sensitive, but I'm still strong. Growing up your mother was the best at not letting her emotions get the best of her. I learned that strong mothers are very sensitive, sometimes they just have to push those emotions to the side to care for their family first. I remember her telling me on countless occasions, " Don't let people mistake your kindness for weakness." Of all things my mother has taught me, that is one of her truest lessons.

Being a woman isn't going to be easy.

Watching your mother as you grew up, you saw firsthand how hard women have it. Being a women is hard. Your opinions are continuously tossed to the side and you're rarely taken serious. People will love to say that you're emotions get the better of you because you're a woman. You can use all of that to your advantage by showing everyone you're the strongest person in a crowd and to never back down.

You have always been encouraged to speak your mind.

A strong mother is brutally honest and forthcoming with her thoughts. She taught you to be the same. You've learned to force everyone to listen to your voice and accept your ideas. You always use your words and are in touch with your feelings and thoughts.

You've learned to do what's best for yourself.

You know who you are and what you stand for. Your mother gave you your confidence and self-assurance. You've learned when to walk away from things that aren't meant to be or not good for you. You have spent your life fighting even when the whole world is against to you and believing in yourself when everyone else is doubting you. Your mother taught you that all the bad things that happen to you, don't define who you are.

You know the meaning of unconditional love.

Your mom sacrificed everything to raise you and be the wonderful mother she is. Yet, she never complained about all she had to give up.She would happily give more of herself to make sure you and your siblings had everything they need. Your mom continuously shows you what selfless and unconditional love looks like. She has set the standards pretty high of what you expect from others and you know you'll never find this kind of love anywhere else.

How to be a good mother

You were raised by a strong-willed, hard-working, and independent women. She has passed on her protectiveness, compassion, determination, resilience, and kindness. She has made you into the women you are today and the mother you hope to someday be. If I can be half the women and mother my mom is, I think I'll be happy with this life.

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