What Assassination Classroom Taught Me About Teaching

What Assassination Classroom Taught Me About Teaching

It's weird how you can get inspiration in life from the strangest places.

Recentl, I decided to make a career change and go from working as a full-time Biologist and Chemist to teaching High School students. I made this change for a variety of reasons, chief of which that I have a passion for science and math that I've always wanted to share with others. So, a few years ago a little manga named Assassination Classroom premiered. I instantly fell in love with it. The premise is strange even by anime or manga standards. An alien monster that looks similar to a squid appears on the Earth and proceeds to blow up a portion of the moon. He threatens to destroy the entire Earth if he is not assassinated within the next year. The strange part is that he requests that he be allowed to teach a class of disenfranchised Jr. High students that have been mostly forgotten about. The class is tasked with not only learning their typical coursework, but also finding a way to take out their alien teacher. This is where things get strange. Koro Sensei treats his students with respect and genuinely wants them to learn. In a weird way he teaches not only his students but also fellow educators of the "E class" that these kids have potential and should be encouraged.

If only I could grade tests this efficiently...

The fun that comes with this anime is the different ways that Koro Sensei motivates and teaches his students. They all have different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Nagisa is our main student and often the story is colored from his perception. One of the early struggles that Nagisa faces is believing in himself. E class is often chastised and viewed as a class of irredeemable students. In the first episode of the anime, Nagisa is encouraged to "take one for the team" and destroy their teacher by basically being a decoy for a grenade. Koro Sensei senses the plot and protects Nagisa from harm. Nagisa at this point has no self-worth and is willing to put himself in harm's way to help his fellow classmates. He becomes admired by everyone in that class for his heroic act. This starts Nagisa down a path of self-realization and discovery. Nagisa is a prototypical teen with self-worth issues. He has no encouragement due to a rough home life and lack of interest from the school and teachers in the past. Koro Sensei inspires him to work harder and for greater things.

Nagisa and Koro Sensei are boys.

Koro sensei quickly learns Nagiasa and his classmates have many different personalities and therefore different learning styles. This prepared me to gauge my students and their learning styles and reach them in different ways. Koro Sensei reaches a boy named Tomohito who is a baseball enthusiast, by encouraging him to uses his own pitching style instead of the one used by his idol. this teaches the boy to gauge his own talents and use them accordingly. This is a valuable lesson that I try to convey to my classes. Everyone is good at something and if you play to your talents you can achieve your goals in academics and in life.

Teamwork, failed teamwork, but teamwork all the same.

The students of E class have very little in common barring their goal of destroying their teacher and gaining the prize money. Over the course of the series, they learn to use their individual skills to work together and achieve their goal. For midterms and finals especially the class bands together to help each other study. They play off of each other to help bring their grades as a class up. Everything they do helps them to master team work and get one step closer to their ultimate prize. When teaching a diverse group of students, encouraging teamwork by assigning group activities is key. It allows them to gain insight into the way their peers think, as different opinions foster more dynamic learning. Students also begin to learn that their peers may tackle problems in ways that they never thought of before.

One day my Class will break out into a spontaneous Anime Intro Dance Number.

Koro Sensei gains the respect of his students because he cares about them. In another early episode Karma, a tough student with a troubled past, attempts to throw himself off of a cliff to show that Koro Sensei doesn't care about him. Karma has had a checked past with teachers and none of them have ever believed in him in the past, so he assumes his new teacher will be cut from the same cloth. However, Koro Sensei happens to prove him wrong, in turn gaining respect from Karma and the rest of the class. You can see that he truly respects and cares about his class. This is another one of the most important things you must do as a teacher. Gone are the days of being an authoritarian who commands respect through tough rules and techniques. You must respect your students for them to give you the same respect in turn. Also if you can connect with them and show that you care, they will be more willing and apt to produce for you and in turn themselves. You can't grow a tree without nurturing and caring for it. In the same sense, students must be fostered and cared for as well. Koro Sensei recognizes this and makes his students want to better themselves. They do this initially to appease him, but eventually realize that doing so makes them feel good as well. These are just a few tips and tricks this wonderful anime has helped me learn. If you're interested check it out streaming now on Funimation. Also the intro theme is catchy as hell!

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I Spent The Week Testing Out Podcasts And Here Are My Thoughts

Before sophomore year of college, I wouldn't have been caught dead listening to a podcast.


Before my sophomore year of college, I never would have imagined that I would listen to podcasts on a regular basis. I had always thought of them as boring and something only those obsessed with academia or my parents' generation, listened to. However, after discovering the vast number of podcasts out there discussing topics that interested me, it's safe to say I have been converted. For the last week I have been trying out some new podcasts, here are my thoughts.

My Favorite Murder

This was the podcast that got me interested in podcasts. Before I listened to My Favorite Murder I thought podcasts were boring and something that only my parents' generation listened to. The idea of discussing murders sounds super dark and kind of depressing but Georgia and Karen's sense of humor is what makes this podcast so successful. I love that there interact so much with their listeners which I feel has really shaped the podcast well. Not only do they read "Hometown Murders" sent in by listeners but they also invite listeners to send in other strange experiences they've had such as finding large amounts of money in weird places and almost being murdered. I also like that they do both full-length episodes and minisodes as it gives the listeners some options. The minisodes are typically around 20-30 minutes and are the perfect length to fit in right before class, while the full-length episodes are anywhere from 1-2 hours.

"U Up?"

This podcast is pretty funny but it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea. So if you hate millennials and everything about them, this podcast is not for you. What I like is that you never really know what you're going to listen to. They discuss a vast number of topics from whether some Halloween costumes are politically incorrect or funny too how to handle your parents trying to hijack your 21-run. The only thing I didn't love about this podcast was that the episodes tend to be around 45 minutes, which is kind of a time commitment when you're first testing out a podcast.

"And That's Why We Drink"

I'm going to start this out by saying that I'm not super into horror movies or anything related, however, this podcast is pretty great. Em and Christine are able to add pretty amusing spins to otherwise terrifying stories and messed up stories. The title is fairly self-explanatory as they discuss a mix of paranormal activity and true crime that helps you realize how messed up the world is and gives you a reason to drink. Think Buzzfeed Unsolved but as a podcast.

"Stuff You Should Know"

I like this podcast because, as you could tell from the name, it's more of an informative podcast. It's the type of thing you could listen to with your parents or grandparents and it wouldn't be weird. Josh and Chuck are funny but in kind of a dad-jokes-meet-millennials-humor sort of way. They cover many different topics, ranging from narwhals to King Arthur to Frida Kahlo to how tsunamis work.


I was not super into Lore at first, but now I'm hooked. The title is fairly self-explanatory as Aaron Mahnke discussed folklore from around the world and the history behind it. What I love is that he discusses more popular topics such as vampires and werewolves, but he also discusses folklore that is not as well-known. The episode that really hooked me was "Dinner at the Afterglow" which discussed Afterglow Vista near Roche Harbor, a strange monument I had seen on vacation many times as a child, and its connection to Hotel de Haro, a historic hotel within the city. Having the background of both the hotel and monument, as well as the myths behind them, explained was informative and eye-opening. This podcast has everything: a creepy Riverdale-vibe, good background music (other than the first episode), solid research, reliable sources, and some sarcasm from Aaron.

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