'Adulting' Is More Than Just Being Over 18, It's These 7 Things, Too

For many college students, we are working on becoming adults. While most of us have at least a basic definition of this word, do we really know what adulting is? I've seen post after post that say that doing anything an adult would do is 'adulting,' but that's not really the case.

So, what is adulting, really?

1. Making appointments and going to them.

Until very recently, I asked my parents to make my appointments for me, whether it be dentists, doctors, or hair appointment. I hated calling and trying to set up a time; it's stressful. Adults, however, make their own appointments. I also started going to my appointments alone. While I like having a family member present, I've realized that I don't need it.

2. Holding a job.

This includes waking up on time and not being late to work. You might technically have a job, but if you don't show up on time ever, you probably won't have one for long. Learning to be professional in the workforce is something all adults need to know.

3. Doing things you don't like to do, but have to.

I hate waking up early for appointments. It's not fun at all, but one day, I might have to wake up at that time every day. Might as well get used to it now.

4. Keeping your living space clean.

While living in a pig sty is easier, it's not practical. A clean room is a clean mind.

5. Keeping track of your life.

Once you make your appointments and meetings, you have to at least keep track of them.

6. Paying bills if you have them.

If you have bills, you should at least pay them on time. The more you put down, the sooner you can pay off your bills.

7. Taking some time for yourself.

Everyone needs to take a few minutes for themselves. Just make sure it's not all day.

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