People You Can Look to If You're Arrested
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People You Can Look to If You're Arrested

You're not completely on your own should you land in handcuffs. There are people out there willing and eager to help you get out of whatever legal trouble you may have landed in. Here is a short list of people who can help you and what they're able to do for you.

People You Can Look to If You're Arrested

When you're arrested, it can be difficult to know who you should turn to. It can seem like everything is happening very quickly, and you need to know who you should talk to in advance to ensure that you reach out to people who can assist you. When you go to the station, you'll be given the opportunity to call people like an attorney, your family, and a bondsman. Take the time now to understand how different people outside of the station can help you so that you're prepared if you're ever arrested.

An Attorney

You should know of an attorney that you would call in the event that you are ever arrested. But even if you don't know of one when you're at the station or the one that you chose in advance is no longer practicing in the area or is otherwise unavailable, calling in some type of legal advice is better than having no one. An attorney can help you feel more secure in your decision to remain quiet, and they can advise you on what you should do while at the station and once you're able to leave.

A Bail Bondsman

Bail bonds are fees that you or someone else pays on your behalf so that you can leave jail until your court date. Many people don't have the money on hand to fully pay for their bail when they're arrested, so they instead rely on bonds agencies to pay until they can come up with the money. A bondsman will be able to post your bail, and you'll be able to leave the station within hours after your bail amount is set.

Your Loved Ones

It can be difficult to admit to people that you care about that you've been arrested, but telling people who care about you can be helpful. Choose someone you trust to stay calm and help you do some of the legwork. For instance, you might call a friend or family member who knows an attorney. The right loved one can also provide you comfort so that you remain calm and continue to make good decisions for yourself. But don't call a loved one who you can't trust to provide the emotional support that you need. It's best to wait until after you're out to tell those people.

Make sure that you know who you would call in the event of an arrest. This can be the difference between a fairly quick release and court hearing and a process that's more drawn out and ends with a less favorable result for you.

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