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Moving is fun. It's exciting knowing that you're moving somewhere even if it's just moving to a new house. It's exciting just having something new.

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But, you know what isn't exciting? Packing. No one likes packing. And unless you're Monica off of FRIENDS, you don't find any enjoyment out of it whatsoever.

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Even if you don't have a lot to do, or you're just gonna take the easy way out and throw everything in trash bags, it's still a hassle to do.

Packing requires boxes, or trash bags if you're cheap and want to get it done in a timely manner like me, and they also reequire you to put things into those objects. So you have to find the time to pack?

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Well, how is that supposed to be done? How are you supposed to find time to pack when you work 45+ hours a week? And then on your day off, you're running the errands that you couldn't do during the week because you were working.

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So, how do you do it?

Well, that's the dilemma that I'm going to be faced with this week as well.

I need to pack, and it's technically my own fault because I've known this for a while at this point. Because of work, I'll have to wait until the last minute (which is usually how I like to my life for some odd reason) and then realize that there's so many more things that I have to pack and regret not starting before now.

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Step 1. Acquire boxes.

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Step 2. Put things into boxes and throw the rest of the items into my car.

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Step 3. Rejoice at the fact that you have friends that can help you in this situation.

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Step 4. Profit.

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So happy packing everyone! Happy moving (because it's the of the year when everyone is moving to a new place because most leases start in August).

Happy trails and good luck!

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I'm gonna pretend like I'm actually looking forward to this and let you guys know what the finished product is going to be.Now where are my trash bags?

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