I Went A Week Without Makeup

For any female, the process of putting on your makeup, fixing your hair and becoming proper for your day is almost like a daily ritual. You wake up, notice your crazy hair and notice how you need to put on makeup for that day. Without your routine, you become lost. You know the EXACT amount of time you need for each day, and you stick to that routine for life.

1. You are able to cry freely and openly

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am the biggest crybaby that has ever walked the planet. Oh look, cute baby? CRY. Oh look, that couple is getting married? CRY. Oh look, this is the 450,354th time I've seen "The Notebook?" CRY! It's like I have a running faucet flowing from my eyes. When wearing makeup, this crying problem creates a bigger issue. When you have none on, you don't worry about eyeliner smudges, or running mascara. You are free to cry as ugly as you would like without fear of a smudged face.

2. Your face feels as smooth as a baby's butt

Makeup is one of the greatest inventions. I will say it. Wearing makeup allows you to feel like a solid 2.0 to a solid 10! When you wear makeup, however, you feel that foundation on your face and you miss what your actual face feels like. My week without makeup taught me that I have a very smooth face, when it is not covered by the makeup I wear. Not only was my face smoother, it was blemish free for that week as well.

3. You do not sweat off your makeup

Summer. The least exciting season for many females. Why? I don't know, maybe it's because your face and your makeup decide to declare revenge and all of your hard work literally falls off your face and into buckets of sweat on the floor. Ew. You spend all of that hard work and time for perfection, only to have it be gone. There is an upside! If you are not wearing any makeup, you have nothing to fear in regards to the sweat face, makeup nightmare.

4. You look and feel younger

When you wear makeup, you can easily look three years older, if your makeup is done right. You then begin to embrace a more adult mentality and act older than you actually are, all because people thought you were older. When you avoid makeup, even for a day or a week or never again wear it, you will begin to look and feel younger than you are. Who doesn't want to look younger?

5. You can sleep in longer

Sleeping in is one of the greatest excitements for an "adult." No worry about a number of hours you will get to sleep if you fall asleep at this particular time, the beautiful euphoria of that moment. Thankfully, by cutting makeup out of your routine gives you that SAME feeling. You know you do not have to spend any time looking decent, and therefore, can keep hitting snooze. What a beautiful sound of sleeping in for an extra 30 minutes.

6. You begin to accept yourself.

Prior to this week without makeup, I would have never went anywhere without SOME form of makeup. I know I was always the girl who never felt pretty enough, or accepted what I looked like without enhancements. The longer you don't wear makeup, the more you realize your true worth. You see your beauty and value that beauty you see in the mirror, not the beauty you see under pounds of makeup.

So my fellow beautiful ladies, go to your makeup wipes and take the goop off for the rest of the day. You are beautiful and therefore do not need to wear makeup, unless you want to (then who am I to tell you to not). Embrace whatever version of yourself you like. Own that bare skin! Remember, you are your biggest enemy.

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