Recently, I've been called spoiled rotten for recent gifts I've gotten.

Number one, I am NOT spoiled rotten. Numer two, who are you to judge me for what I get? I am very grateful for the gifts I receive and even deny most things cause I feel awful about taking them. Most of the things I receive are gifts because I've worked for it, or it's my birthday or Christmas.

I am a very grateful person and want everyone to know it. I hate that there is a label put on me just because I get things. No, I didn't get handed things as a child and now, I was taught to work for what I want and taught to be responsible. I am well loved by most of my family and I can't stop them from doing so, I apologize for that. I have never had a silver spoon in my mouth, I've had the opposite.

I want people to understand that my mother does her best to provide for me. She has had to take on the role of a father and a mother the last few months and she's done a fantastic job of raising me to have a work ethic and to be responsible.

When I wanted a dog? My parents made sure they told me how hard it would be, even though my dog ended up loving my mom and dad more.

New Phone? I had to show responsibility for taking care of a phone and have good grades.

I have never gotten the easy way out.

I am an only child so being spoiled is typically a frowned upon stereotype of only children. My parents never once tried to buy my love or make up for times they weren't there. My parents were busy people, working and trying to raise a little girl. They showed me how to be an adult and work for things at a very young age and I am grateful for that.

I apologize to everyone who thinks I'm spoiled rotten. I am spoiled, but not because my parents loved me "too much" or because I was raised with a silver spoon. I am well loved and cared for by an amazing woman who wants me to have nice things. I thank her for that every day. So please, stop referring to me as a "spoiled brat' or as "spoiled rotten"