Welcome aboard the struggle bus. Everyone here is going to a different destination unique to their personal journey. So, your particular ride may come on schedule, but it will most likely take a very long time. Due to the variety of passenger drop off zones, we are expected to come across winding or previously unpaved roads. Do not worry, the struggle bus is prepared to persist in all situations, always.

You may choose a seat in the front along with the others who are under the assumption they won’t be taking this ride of obstacles long term. Common front seat passengers exist with a book in hand, headphones on, sketchbook in use and the road ahead in sight. They are open about their craft and have no plans on becoming comfortable on their struggle bus seats.

Maybe the middle aisle fascinates you? Here are the social butterflies: most have bonded with others, built solid relationships, and made friends during the ride. Often times, walking down the steps to their destined bus stop means leaving good people along with their struggle. However, this is not always the rule. The middle aisle of the struggle bus has a reputation of combining drop offs to venture on banded journeys in sync.

Want an especially bumpy, crazy, and lively ride on the struggle bus? Pop a squat, lean on a window or dance on a seat in the back row. Simply sitting down does not come easily to these passengers. They understand the inevitability of the struggle and their mentality is that it might as well be fun! A word of caution: with every thrilling double bounce is one bounce that will hit you on the head.

Whatever place you choose to sit, know the struggle bus is a ride and a moving journey, not a stalemate. The glass windows that barrier you from the rest of the world are not there to enclose you. The transparent box frames a reminder that you are constantly in motion. It lets you watch as others reach their destination, while assuring you that your day will come.

It is important to know that no one is keeping you on the bus. Emergency exits can open the gate to what looks like a field of dreams. Almost anything outside the bus can seem like it is better than the smell of old, torn, fake, green leather rubbing on passengers' sweaty skin. The yearn to escape is understandable and the occasional pull of the red lever happens, however, a premature departure does not allow you to achieve your objective.

As long as you are alive, impermanence is your ally. If there is a need to ride on the struggle bus again and arrive at your exclusive destination, you can hop on at any time. Just don’t put your arm out of the window; the story about that kid who got his arm chopped off is no joke.


Your Struggle Bus Striver