13 People Share Their Funny Sneezing Stories
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I Asked 13 People The Weirdest Thing That's Happened When They Sneezed And Got Some Ah...Ahhh...Musing Responses

Bless you?

I Asked 13 People The Weirdest Thing That's Happened When They Sneezed And Got Some Ah...Ahhh...Musing Responses

I randomly had this question come to mind the other day, "what's the weirdest thing to happen to you when you sneezed?" My response to myself made me chuckle (let's see if you can figure out which answer below is mine). I decided it would be interesting to ask the internet the same question and man, I'm so glad I did! It's very interesting to see what can of damage one sneeze can do.

Which story is your favorite?

*Some answers have been lightly edited for the article*

1. My contact popped out

"I sneezed so hard that my contact popped out of my eyeball. I guess it was that powerful. Trying to find your lost contact on the floor with one good eye was not fun. It took me so long to find it."

2. I got dizzy

"I sneezed 9 times in a row and got really dizzy, light headed, and stumbled."

3. A pencil went up my nose

"We were in class doing school work and I was writing with one of those standard no. 2 pencils, but it was the kind that had the eraser pulled out, so it just had the metal part left on top and I sneezed and it went up my nose. It wound up being the tiniest cut, but since it was the inside of my nose, it was bleeding so much. I went through a huge stack of those crappy, thin brown paper towels before it stopped."

4. I sneezed like Pikachu 

"So, one time I was working/moving stuff around in my attic and let me tell you, it was super stuffy and dirty. Consequently, I was sneezing nonstop (I think three to seven sneezes back to back in a 15-second time span over and over again). So, then I wanted to be a little creative and customize my sneeze. I sneezed a 'manly sneeze,' a more 'feminine sneeze,' and a 'kid sneeze' (that's where you sneeze, but try to sneeze like a baby). However, after many trials and error, I finally found my perfect sneeze and that is the Pikachu sneeze. And the cool thing about that story is just as soon as I started sneezing like that, three weeks later Pokémon go came out."

6. I sneezed and I farted

"It takes a LONG time for me to start farting in front of a girlfriend, but the first time I did with my last two girlfriends has been during a sneeze. It's also the only two times I've ever done it. It's probably because I've held it in for too long and the pressure just comes out when I sneeze. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk."

6. All three happened

"I've farted, sneezed and hiccuped at the same time."

7. I threw up on my desk

"One time, I sneezed so forcefully that I actually threw up all over my desk at work and told my boss that I had food poisoning just so I could take the day off."

8. I thought the time of the month happened

"I sneezed and I peed and crapped myself, but I thought it was my time of the month."

9. I got boogers on my hand

"I sneezed and a stream of boogers came out all over my hands all while at the same time, my crush asked me for a pencil."

10. Nature called

"I've peed on myself when my bladder was full."

11. I blacked out

"When I've sneezed, I've totally seen stars and blacked out before. Not lost consciousness, but lost vision briefly."

12. Chicken came out my nose

"I was eating chicken and I sneezed and chicken came out of my nose. I was blowing my nose for days since pieces of chicken were stuck in my sinuses."

13. I sneezed and hiccuped

"I sneezed and hiccuped at the same time. It was life changing."

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