Weight Loss Could Actually Be A Dangerous New Year's Resolution

Weight Loss Could Actually Be A Dangerous New Year's Resolution

This can negatively impact multiple aspects of your life.

That's right! 2017 is almost over. Can you believe it? With the new year just around the corner, it's time to take stock of the highs and lows of this past year. What did you accomplish, what could have gone better, and what direction you want to take in your life this year? Of course, we all know the yearly tradition of making a promise to ourselves and our friends to improve places known as New Year's resolutions.

There are plenty of noble resolutions people make to help with goal setting, like promising to read more or to drink less or to talk to your family. However, there are a few resolutions that are popular but unhealthy for your body image and your well-being. The one that I have in mind specifically is weight loss.

I agree that it is important to take care of your body through diet and exercise. The truth is, setting a New Year's resolution isn't the best way to go about it. One issue is motivation. While it's easy to ride the wave that is “New Year, New Me” this wave of inspiration tends to be short-lived.

The main issue here is that the goal of weight loss is not as well thought out. You might have a goal weight in mind, but how are you getting there and stay consistent? What usually happens is the person lasts maybe a month at maximum before their drive fizzles out. This comes from not making monthly goals and weekly goals. A lot can happen in a year and it's important to stay on track. Otherwise, you'll feel intimidated when you enter a packed gym of people with the same dream.

Another issue is that a lot of people who make the weight loss goal end up creating even more unhealthy situations for themselves, like nutrition deficiency or muscle strain, or even injuries due to overexertion.

Not enough research is done before taking on a weight loss challenge. So many people quit early because they didn't take the time to learn what's safest for their bodies. Throwing up after an exercise at the gym is not dedication. It's dangerous. Listen to your body and make sure your goals are realistic. If it's too tough, its ok to adjust your goal.

Finally, a weight loss resolution can actually harm your self-esteem. I completely agree that it is important to lose weight if you are overweight or obese because it can cause life-threatening conditions. However, it's also important that you are losing weight for the right reasons. Many times people will lose weight because they hate how their body looks. This will lead to severe negative body image which will impact mental health negatively.

A person could develop depression, worsen depression, or develop eating disorders if they aren't careful.

Make sure you are going into this with a positive mindset. Perhaps make a goal to practice self-love, or go into it with the mindset that eating well and exercising is a form of self-care rather than a goal to look better.

If you are unable to meet these criteria, I wouldn't suggest making weight loss a goal for your resolution, but perhaps understand that it can be a goal anytime of the year as long as you really plan for long-term success and are responsible. It's important for your mental health and physical safety.

Cover Image Credit: Alina Miroshnichenko

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If Basic College Majors Were Their Already-Failed New Year's Resolutions

These were all set up to be major failures, anyway.

February is off to the races, and for most of us, that means our New Year's Resolutions have already been broken numerous times. Your major gives a lot of insight into what type of person you are, what resolutions you set and which you've already broken, so let's see what you've failed this year, shall we?

Journalism: "I'm going to journal every night!"

Yeah, you love writing and documenting your life in a journal seems like a great idea! The story of your life, right?! Wrong. Your life is boring and writing "went to class and six meetings today" is not great journal material.

Communication: "I'm going to call my family once a week!"

Communicating with people is your major, so this one makes a ton of sense until it is Sunday night on week three and you realize you haven't called anyone yet.

Pre-Med: "I'm going to get more sleep!"

Who are you kidding? You're studying to be a freaking doctor, you don't get sleep.

Business: "I'm going to budget and spend less money!"

At least you understand the value of money, but you're still a pizza and alcohol-loving college student. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Public Relations: "I'm going to cut back on the coffee!"


Education: "I'm going to be more patient!"

You're so close until a tiny child talks back to you at 8 o'clock in the morning and you realize this is not the profession for patience goals.

Music: "I'm going to learn a new hobby!"

You already know an instrument which is more than most can say. Why learn some other cool talent at this point?

Nursing: "I'm going to drink eight cups of water a day!"

You know water is so good for you, but after clinicals, four exams and about seven hours of homework, you really just need coffee and vodka in an IV.

Political Science: "I'm going to be more civil on social media!"

Well, if people posted less ignorant things I wouldn't have to educate them...

Psychology: "I'm going to manage my stress better!"

Day two and you're already stress eating and crying in campus bathrooms, but at least you understand the theories as to why this is happening to you.

Dietetics: "I'm going to eat super healthily!"

Just because your major is all about living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean that you can't appreciate an entire pizza or five.

Computer Science: "I'm going to be more productive!"

It is hard to be productive when you know how to do hundreds of cool things on your computer, AND make it look like you're taking notes while doing it.

Exercise Science: "I'm going to go to the gym six times a week!"

You know it's good for you. You know the benefits. But damn it if your bed isn't also good for you.

History: "I'm going to live in the moment!"

Well, you're a history major for a reason.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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5 Things To Look For Before Signing A Lease

"Does it have a hallway closet?"


Spring is an exciting time of year. The trees are starting to get leaves again, flowers are blooming and the weather is starting to get nicer. Spring Break seems to be right around the corner. However, Spring also brings the dreaded apartment hunting season. Once your lease is up you can either renew it or find a new place. Finding a new apartment can be stressful but that shouldn't take the fun out of it. So, here is a list of things I wish I had known to look for before signing the lease.

Check for hallway closets

Once moving in you realize how much you miss that closet in the hallway and how much stuff you really put in there. That closet was the perfect place to stash those pesky cleaning supplies, the vacuum, and the broom. Those odds and ends like the extra paper towels and water bottles so nicely fit into that hallway closet you took for granted. Living without storage for these items has made our living area and kitchen look a mess and a nuisance when having to move it just to use the table.

Noise levels

Noise levels are something that is often forgotten about when walking through an apartment. You shouldn't be able to hear your roommates Netflix binge through the wall. What about the floors do the creak? Does the door make an annoying screech when opening it? What about the traffic outside does it bother you? Remember once you sign that lease you're stuck until it is up. Living with creaky doors and floors makes going to your 8 am class so much worse knowing you might wake your roommate by accident.


Damages are something most people notice before moving in but is there water damage? Water damage often means a leaking roof or dripping pipe that could become a worse issue later. Taking note of these damages before signing can prevent you from having to pay for them later.


It's college everyone parties it seems, but living by the parties can be annoying especially if you're trying to study. Partying usually happens a couple nights of the week but those couple nights seem like every night when attempting to study for an exam on Thirsty Thursday. Studying feels nearly impossible when you hear a raging party going on next door.

Kitchen storage

Storage in general as mentioned in number one is important. A place for your food in the kitchen makes a difference in how much you actually cook. When having a place for cans or boxes of pasta you feel less overwhelmed when you do cook them. Cooking with stuff on the counters isn't only annoying but it makes a mess to clean up. Storage for all your kitchen gadgets and dishes makes for an easier life and not just piles laying around.

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