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Once again, I am turning in an article late way past the deadline. People, I know what you're thinking, why can't you just get it together and just release your articles when they are supposed to be released? Well, when this is like the fifth most important thing to do in your professional life, you kind of put it off.

I actually have a legitimate excuse. I work late, sleep early, and writing articles is just at the bottom of the checklist and it is often forgotten. As I said before, I really think the editor in chief has a thing for me. Three weeks into fall and I'm turning in my article late twice now. I haven't had this much privilege since getting three periods of gym class in my senior year of high school - it just comes full circle. OK, rant over. Here is the actual blog.

The life of a traveling golf tournament director is still an interesting one. If you haven't figured out what I am going to be writing about in this blog, kindly scroll up to remind yourself why you're here (appreciate the views as always). As much as it is expected, layovers on this job still suck. You expect it since you are flying everywhere, but you still never really get used to it. Waiting a couple more hours for a flight you hope gets there in time is still a pain in the ass, but you know deep down you have to get used to it. I will not sugarcoat it for anyone. With this amount of traveling, you are prone to a lot of homesickness, loneliness, and maybe an occasional anxiety attack or two. I am slowly starting to get accustomed to it as I work my way deeper into the year, but it is still not easy.

The weekends are the stranger part of my job. The last month or so I've been flying in on a Monday morning/afternoon. That means my off days are in the middle of the week - odd I know. My weekends are definitely not the same as everyone else's, and it takes a lot out of you knowing that you aren't seeing your friends on a weekly basis, but social media definitely keeps you in the same space figuratively.

Also, I am kind of glad that I am working my way out of the North. Whatever this job proved, it proves I am truly a Florida boy at heart. The southern hospitality thing is a real thing, and yes people are still mostly respectful up here north of the Mason-Dixon line, but I miss the South a lot. It's just a where you grow up type of thing, plus it's not damn cold everywhere I go - going home is refreshing.

Of course, writing all this alone in an airport terminal doesn't help. The friend thing still hasn't happened yet, as much as being in the friend zone was the worst thing in college, just getting in the zone where you're in a social circle would be kind of nice. Again, I am hoping this all changes because honestly, the travel is just starting to get to me, and I am gonna seek advice on how I can make it better for myself.

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