It's normal for people every now and then to feel overwhelmed and as if they're living off of stress. Usually this occurs when final exams or graduation are approaching, perhaps a loved one has passed away, the future may be scaring you, or maybe your schedule has never been as busy and nonstop as it is in this moment. No matter where this stress is coming from, it's important to not let it take over everything else. There comes a time when the stress piles up and soon enough that pile may be too heavy to carry, so what do you do from there?

Well, you can't simply let go of the load; there are responsibilities in that pile that you may need to fulfill. But, there's nothing wrong with a break from it all; this break could be the solution to all of these problems and stress.

This past weekend, I went out on a limb and signed up for a retreat with my college. I had absolutely no idea what to expect while going into this experience, but I knew it couldn't do any harm, so why not take a chance? Thankfully, I've never been more satisfied with myself for taking that chance. After handling an immense amount of stress, schoolwork, and overall busy life lately, this is exactly what I needed. While it didn't magically make all of my problems disappear, it gave me about three days to clear and free my mind.

For the first time in a long time, I had a few days not only free from school responsibilities, but time to spend with myself. As we all go through everyday busy with class after class, appointment after appointment, and jobs to internships, by the time we want time for ourselves, the sun has already gone down.

One weekend away will not change your life or recreate your world, but it will give you time with yourself, time to think, time to clear your mind, and time to find any solutions you may need. But most importantly, it's a time to put everything on hold and enjoy what this life has to offer.

When I reached the destination of my retreat in Rindge, NH and took time to explore, nature and time with myself overcame me. Throughout the weekend, I made the most amazing friends simply by putting all technology down, talking, and learning about one another. Sitting all together or sitting all alone, staring out into the mountain tops, feeling the fresh air, and letting my senses take everything in, I learned the importance of taking time to get away for a few days. With everything else going on, it's so easy to forget to take time not only for yourself, but with yourself as well.

When you have the opportunity, even if it feels like you'll never have an ounce of free time, find a place to spend a weekend with some friends-just go. Sign up for retreats, take travel opporunities, or make a plan on your own. Put the technology away while you're there and let your mind wander; you'll be amazed by the places it'll go.

Then when Monday comes, take a deep breath, pick up that heavy load you put aside for the weekend, and get back to it. The difference now however is that you'll proudly be able to conquer and complete all these tasks because after this time with yourself, you may have just learned things about yourself you didn't know before.