My First Week of College

Over the course of this past week, I have had time to reflect about my college decision and what about it made it so amazing. Frankly, I have too many things to count. I am absolutely in awe of my professors and their genius minds. I love the feeling of having a schedule individualized for me with each day being a little bit different. So many things in this past week have become motivators for me to keep being the student I strive my professors to see as the model example.

I have realized that I truly did make the right call during the choosing process in senior year of high school. Although, I don't know what things may have come my way if I chose somewhere different, I do know that I am very happy with where I am, and the potential I have to grow in this amazing community is so thrilling to think about. In the next four or five years I am here, I will know that I have had an incredible education and for me, that is one of the greatest blessings one could ever recieve. I will be forever grateful to have the opportunity to be educated.

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