Cannabis content is being policed on websites like YouTube and Instagram forcing some cannabis creators to deal with their accounts being taken down without warning and little explanation. Since the moment I first created my Weedstagram in December of 2018, I have been worried about my account being deleted. Fortunately, I've only had a couple of posts taken off Instagram and I was able to re-post them without any problems. But a platform like Instagram that deletes users with little explanation or recourse leaves creators frustrated.

Once I discovered the WeedTube, I realized that I wanted to start making cannabis content and join the community. It is SO freeing to post my cannabis content on a platform where I'm not worried about getting removed. I really love sitting down and filming a video where I do a fun, marijuana-related challenge and engage with my audience. After all, the community is an important aspect of stoner life and I don't have much of a stoner community in Eugene. Through my videos and Weedstagram, I am developing my own little community of fellow smokers. Whether I'm making new content or watching videos, I finally feel like I've found a community in which I belong.

The WeedTube provides a safe space for cannabis creators to make content without fear of being deleted. The WeedTube also normalizes cannabis usage by showing that people from all walks of life enjoy it. Removing the stigma around marijuana is half the battle, like the lazy stoner stereotype. Personally, I smoke cannabis to help with my anxiety and I'm able to be more productive when I'm stoned because I'm less anxious. Without cannabis, my life would be completely different and I might still be as productive, but I would be incredibly anxious constantly.

My main points in this article are that the WeedTube provides a space for cannabis creators to fully express themselves and the stoner community on the Weedtube is incredibly welcoming and supportive. I am truly honored to be a part of this community and I cannot wait for cannabis usage to be normalized and accepted more on a national level.